Frank & Oak unveil their Watch Dogs Collection clothing line

In collaboration with worldwide video game creator and producer Ubisoft, the Watch Dogs capsule collection features stark and minimal menswear that blurs the line between fashion, art, and technology.

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AppleSlime2274d ago

This is kinda cool. I've bought a few items from frank & oak in the past, and their quality is really good.

Gamecrastinate2274d ago

Yeah I agree on both counts. The collection is actually pretty stylish, and I've purchased from them before as well and the quality is beyond what you'd find shopping at local retailers like Kohls or Target. My favorite shirt I own is from Frank & Oak and it fits damn good.

2274d ago
hellothere19772274d ago

Now this is just plain silly. Heck, even the guy modeling this stuff does not want people to see him wearing it.

WeAreLegion2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

I was hoping for a new take on the coat. I like these styles though.

Try this:

Bimkoblerutso2274d ago

I can't buy this. I am not a member of Frank & Oak's prestigious online store.

porkChop2274d ago

I'm loving that button up shirt. Comes in Ash (grey) and Military(light brown), thinking about getting both.

Gamecrastinate2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

You may have noticed on our site, but you can get a $25 credit if you register with their site via this link.

I've got two button down shirts from Frank & Oak, one in raw linen and another in denim like the Watch Dogs one that you mentioned. Both are by far the most comfortable and nice looking shirts I own. Could not recommend Frank & Oak more.

lilbrat232274d ago

You will need those $25 off at the prices the clothes are.

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The story is too old to be commented.