(WGB) Trials Fusion Review – Designed To Induce Finger Cramp, And Rage

Baden of WGB writes: "It’s some time in the early morning and I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, palms sweating and eyes squinting. I gently squeeze the trigger and…damn, too much throttle! The bike flips straight over, and I’ve just screwed that perfect faultless run I’ve been working toward for the past 30-minutes. Rage is flowing through my veins and I really should just go to bed…but this is Trials, and it’s always just one more go. Addiction isn’t pretty, but it’s rarely this damn fun."

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Skate-AK2093d ago

After all the good scores I play on getting when I can get a PS4.

WolfLeBlack2093d ago

It really is worth picking it up. You could always go for the PC version, if you're PC is capable of running it, unless, of course, you're picking up a PS4 version soon.