Watch_Dogs 5 Minutes Gameplay Video - April 2014 (No Commentary)

Spaziogames Italy posted Ubisoft's new April 2014 B-Roll footage of Watch_Dogs.

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ritsuka6662105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

This game is bullshot city. It looks almost nothing like the build we saw back in E3 2012. You really messed up Ubi Soft. Give us real game play footage not some Bullshit tech demo of what the game "might" look like.

OpieWinston2105d ago

You do realize Ubisoft Montreal was RUSHED by Ubisoft to show off E3 2012. That wasn't the finished product so why would it look the same? When the whole point of this game ISN'T to have the best looking game but rather the best feeling game. Being able to invade and stalk people as they live out their lives.

christrules00412105d ago

Here is a link to a guy that does a good comparison of the tech demo in 2012 we got to the recent PS4 dev kit trailers. He has done software development and worked on games and tv as well.

He also did a second video

Summons752105d ago

gameplay looks great if not better than what they showed at E3 2012 so I don't see how they messed up. Gameplay > than Graphics so if they have to sacrifice one for another I'd rather any dev choose gameplay over graphics.

Neonridr2105d ago

unfortunately guys like you and me are few and far between. Seems like a lot of people want the game to look good first, and then play well second.

To be honest, I still think the game looks very pretty. I mean the night driving scene was much better than what we saw recently. At least the lighting is accurate in this video.

MasterCornholio2105d ago

It does bug me a little what they did with the trailers. But the framerate in the most recent footage looks very smooth and the fact that the AIs are actual people instead of mindless drones is pretty cool to me.

I'll wait for reviews but if the games good I'll get it.

SuperBlur2105d ago

"This game is bullshot city. It looks almost nothing like the build we saw back in E3 2012."

No kidding , at E3 2012 we did not even know what the name of the next playstation and xbox would be. -_-

"Give us real game play footage not some Bullshit tech demo of what the game "might" look like."

This is exactly what's in the video... can't tell if you're blind or just stupid.

Baka-akaB2105d ago

True or not , i'm tired of crummy comparison videos that can't even try to show the same scenes at the exact same time . Sure it wouldnt be easy , but nothing force those videos to pop out , if they can't do it well

TitanUp2105d ago

this game looks like its going to have some neat gameplay mechanics with a different type of multiplayer. i have the le pre ordered and im not canceling it.

sander97022105d ago

What are you talking about it looks great!
The only problem I have is that the driving seems a bit too arcady, and you have to keep in mind that this is PS4 footage not PC!

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Justjoined1232105d ago

I think it looks good enough visually but im curious if its gonna be interesting enough to be a free roam game, or if its gonna be put away right after the campaign.

cfc782105d ago

It's got 100 side missions plus multiplayer so plenty to do.

OpieWinston2105d ago

That Spider gameplay has me excited...It's like Saints Row/GTA/Person of Interest had sex and Watch Dogs came out. The game is Wacky at times with a nice serious tone in the missions and campaign. Plenty of people with their own lives interacting with one another.

People will mock the game now but if Ubisoft pulled off making the world a true living being. This game will CLEAN up GOTY awards.

mcstorm2105d ago

I agree. I have never managed to get into Saints Row & GTA and I have never been excited about them but Watch Dogs has me very interested and excited too. Looking forward to seeing what this game is going to be like and I need to decide if I should get the Xbox one or WiiU Version.

OpieWinston2105d ago

X1...Wii U version doesn't come out till Fall.

gtxgamer22105d ago

They have online coop?! Niceee

madworld2105d ago

what i can say!!!!!!!!!!!

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