GamesBeat: Watch Dogs really lets you hack your way through a smart city (hands-on preview)

Ubisoft’s designers have succeeded in creating an immersive open world with Watch Dogs, a video game set in a smart city where a hacker takes control in order to inflict his own brand of personal vigilantism.

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MousenJoypad2270d ago

There is nothing but a picture ?????

ColManischewitz2270d ago

I'm not sold on these second-screen apps for things that aren't turn-based. It's difficult to spread your attention.

darkronin2292270d ago

Ubisoft is really big on these apps, huh? The AC4 one wasn't too bad. It took care of the hassle of going into your captain's quarters for the ship missions.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

This would be a great idea for WiiU.
ZombiU used some of this.

I hope that the delayed WiiU WatchDog, has some extra Apps or Modes like this.

(I caught up my comments to 2014, next comment is the FUTURE).

2269d ago
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