Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition appears on the USK

The USK has rated Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition for multiple platforms.

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Neonridr2105d ago

Is this the same as the one that appeared for the iphone/ipad?

Wh15ky2104d ago

This game must be older than 20, isn't it?

I remember having it on my amiga 500 when I was about 15 so that would have been about 1991.

Neonridr2103d ago

it is, the actual 20th anniversary edition released in September of 2011. This is more or less the 23rd Anniversary Edition, lol.

kagamer792104d ago

I loved this game as a kid. I remember being sad it wasnt longer. Id love to see a remake of this game with todays systems and their capabilities. It would be a day one purchase for me. Sad alota games lack the imaginative and creativity this sci fi gem had.