10 Years Later - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Pixel Critique's month-long look back at the 30 games that defined 2004, continues with...SNAKE EATER!!!!!!!!!(sorry)

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Blastoise2098d ago

Anyone with a Vita has got to play the HD collection version, It's a really awesome port with some genuinely good touch controls

DemonChicken2098d ago

Only thing I am bitter about the VITA version is that it doesn't have this into sequence which is on the PS2 version

Can't comment on the PS3 version (whether same?) since I haven't got it =p

Pillage052098d ago

I just played it, pretty sure it DID have that intro sequence....

2098d ago
little-witch2098d ago

Good memories from that time. Esspecially the sniperbattle with The End ;-)

Grave2098d ago

Or the other battle with The End ;-)

DemonChicken2098d ago

Loved the fight with the end

but especially loved the end bit - motorcycle + boss fights

nucky642098d ago

loved "the end" sniper battle. first time i tried it i shot his parrot off his shoulder by mistake - it really pissed him off - funny thing, i was never able to shoot that parrot again.

Parapraxis2098d ago

I just finished that game a few weeks ago, it is amazing.

ThatEnglishDude2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Disagreed with his comments toward MGS2, but yeah - MGS3 is still a classic!

solidjun52098d ago

MGS3 was one of my favorite games of all time. An absolute classic. The story was so awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.