GameStop to close around 130 stores in order to open 300 - 400 tech stores

Looks like GameStop is switching teams and going full tech. As part of GameStop and AT&Ts’ partnership GameStop will be closing around 130 video game stores to make way for their 300 to 400 tech-centered stores.

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karamsoul2096d ago

They might be anticipating the digital download trend.

kaiserfranz2096d ago

I never understood Gamestop anyway. I always buy digital when possible

BX812096d ago

It's got it's pros and cons imo. I say I use gs for 90% of my gaming needs. I just wish the employees were smarter when it comes to gaming. Before you gs employees respond with some craziness I'm not talking about all of you.

Squeaky_door2096d ago

I really prefer selling my games after I'm done enjoying them

TRD4L1fe2096d ago

I think having the ability to trade in old games that you have no intention in playing anymore so you can buy another game and not have to pay full price for it makes me rather have hard copies than digital

3-4-52096d ago

They stock games you can't find anywhere else.
Physical copies that is.

I could order them online, but if I want a copy of a game today, that is hard to find, Gamestop most likely has it in stock somewhere near me.

^ For me, that is highly valuable, but to other people, that may not mean that much.

LAWSON722096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

You never understood not everyone has the same mindset as you. You are not go to understand many things, lol.

Most people I know still like to go to a store and purchase games. There is not much to understand really except people find it easy and convient, and when it comes to price physical is usually cheaper than digital (consoles).Also at least for PS3/360 a lot of games are not available on the store and even if they are they have no discount prices and some people cannot store a huge library on say 120-250GB HDD (something that will be a pain for Xbone owners like myself)

2096d ago
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MajorGecko2096d ago

yes when u are left with a turd its good to sell that turd for a little profit aka me trading in battlefield

LexHazard792096d ago

Hopefully my local GS is not on that 2%.

DVAcme2096d ago

A lot of the GS experience depends on employees and managers. A GS store with smart employees and managers willing to solve issues is a great place to shop. My local GS is like that, and you never see the employees asking me about the pre-orders or that other nonsense because they know I'm a valuable and loyal employee. Hell, I had to return an already opened game cause my bro had gotten it for me digital without me knowing, and the manager just took it back and gave me a full refund. That kind of service breeds customer loyalty.

Soldierone2096d ago

What a stupid idea. It's not even "tech stores" its just more dumb cell phone stores. I friggin hate those. Even other stores have changed to that, and now they are ghost towns.

jc485732096d ago

oh you mean, where they take in your iphones?

Soldierone2096d ago

And they have AT T reps standing by, trying to get you to sign contracts, and not giving you any deals if you don't. With the same 5 phones on shelves all the time.

I hate them because they push them everywhere here. We get an "entertainment" block, and 6 Verizon and AT T stores..... whats entertainment about that?

jegheist20142096d ago

best gamestop i been in is one on amelia island in florida best customer service manager is top notch and its employees are also

they have passion for gaming and are very polite when i shop when others r shopping also they give u deals also sometimes dollar off

seperate transactions with preorder obnuses and split up trade credit between games also no other gstop has done that yet except this one

elninels2096d ago

"seperate transactions with preorder obnuses and split up trade credit between games also no other gstop has done that yet except this one"

Not true, there are 3 gamestop stores around me that do both of those things. In fact apmost every gamestop I have shopped at within New Jersey has had really great employees that eagerly talk games with me. Is that odd for games

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