Naruto Might Come To The PS Vita

A Naruto game listing has appeared for the psvita.

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Mankey2094d ago

Glad to see the vita getting continually support.

Protagonist2093d ago

Lasr couple of months been really steady.

blackbirdi2094d ago

will be great but i don t thing will be on pair with ps3 the game is too advance for vita

hkgamer2094d ago

The smaller screen might be able to hide the details better, plus most people seem to love the oversatuated colours of the amoled screen.

I personally think anime cel shaded + oversatuated colours is a good mix. Probably not for people that like seeing true colous.

blackbirdi2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

the vita has problem with fixed shaders so if they make a port be sure that they will remove the cell shading look and you will notice the outline around the model are absent ....if you don't believe me you can check the walking dead , sly copper 4 , sly copper trilogy and compare them to the ps3 and ps2 version you will see that the outlines are completely missing ....

hkgamer2094d ago

really? I just take your word for it.

Snookies122094d ago

Man, I'd be so down for a Naruto game on my Vita...

hkgamer2094d ago

Got me excited, then slapped me in the face.

Anyway, I am holding back for a Naruto game until I know the manga is 100% finished, which is most likely in 4 months.

I just can't be bothered buying yearly itterations of a game that doesn't have a proper ending.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2094d ago

4months? Thats a stretch. Kishimoto said it would end this year but, 4months is a bit soon. Madara, 10 tails, and Sasuke have to be taken care of.

hkgamer2094d ago

I've stopped watching naruto anime a long time ago so don't really know where the anime is at.

But the manga is close to finishing. I'm going to leave the details out since it would spoil others or maybe you if you don't follow manga.

Right now it seems like the final fight is happening so I will give it around 15 chapters for one person to over power the other then the other to overpower etc...

TitanUp2094d ago

i would like to see naruto on vita, heck im really considering by one at this point more and more reasons to

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