The five games I’m most looking forward too.

Danny shares his thoughts on the top 5 games he wants to play this year, and why.

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ATi_Elite2096d ago

It amazes me that some people CAN'T spell but that they CAN'T use SPELL CHECK either.

MousenJoypad2096d ago

Ok guys I added an extra 'o', how will you ever sleep tonight.

OutcastMosquito2096d ago

There's a difference between criticism and constructive criticism.

ATi_Elite2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

I'm gonna loose so much sleep that I may have my companies Lawyers Sue you for loss of production due to me being tired from losing sleep due to YOUR NEGLIGENCE and misuse of the word "Too" in a sentence.

top 5 typical games most consolers are looking forward to.

Skate-AK2096d ago

Looking forward to Alien Isolation also.

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