Call of Duty Picture Proves Just How Behind Franchise Is

Eskimo Press: Sledgehammer have given us a glimpse of what we are to expect from the graphics engine of the up-coming Call of Duty game that, if history repeats itself, will most likely release October this year. Seriously? Are we supposed to be impressed?

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XiNarutoUzumaki2100d ago

And the hype and the yearly support this series gets proves how stupid gamers are nowadays

BehindGames2100d ago

omg this image is the most famous image this days :D

WeAreLegion2100d ago

The PC version of every Call of Duty after Modern Warfare 2 was just pure crap. I'll be pleasantly surprised if any in-game models look as good as this picture, which is essentially Battlefield 3 on PC.

The author is right, but does Activision care anymore? I honestly don't think they do. Destiny is coming. That will be Activision's new baby.

SamPao2100d ago

Sry I'm just tired of all these articles where somebody is just complaining about something that has not been shown nor experienced. So I disagree

eaise2100d ago

I'll buy COD when zombies is on it again. So next year with Treyarch's

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