Q.U.B.E Director's Cut coming soon

A new updated version of Q.U.B.E with a brand new narrative is currently in the works for the PC and consoles, it has been announced.

Written and voice-directed by veteran industry sci-fi nonsense writer Rob Yescombe (Haze, Crysis 2, Alien Isolation) the Director’s Cut promises to add an all new layer of narrative to the currently rather starkly ambiguous plot. “The Director’s Cut is a single-location thriller” says Yescombe, “It’s about figuring out what the Qube is, and why you’re inside it. You’re told you are an astronaut inside some kind of alien structure hurtling towards Earth, but it’s also about something deeper than that.”

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wonderfulmonkeyman2098d ago

I just want it to release already.
Been wanting it on my Wii U for a while now; I think this could be the next Portal, if they do it right...