Here’s how the Xbox One can Catch up to the PS4 – Price, Price, Price

Game Druid:

It’s not exactly new news that the PS4 is really doing a number on the Xbox One in terms of sales – 7 million PS4 units sold vs. 5 million Xbox One units shipped (don’t know how many were actually sold). 2 million may not seem like a very large number right away, but consider all the things that Sony has over the Xbox One and you’ll realize that the 2 million difference is larger than you’d like.

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Axios22095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

How about open up in triple the number of markets it's in now?

26 additional Countries in September plus China in July will boost numbers but not enough to match a product sold in 72 countries.

AngelicIceDiamond2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

@Axios Additional markets and a lower price at launch in those markets would be great for X1.

I'm telling you I think MS needs to confront and re-establish its brand FOR THE ONE LAST TIME in order to get the overall gamer on their side.

Phil Spencer would have to re-package the X1 brand for the final and last time at E3.

A price cut alone won't beat Sony for say but if they:

Re-brand: Re-brand The X1 and make the image of the console clear. And make their PR crystal clear with the consoles new found image AND NO MORE CHANGING.

Constant shifts and changes to any brand is catastrophic to your product. And small signs are starting to show of consumers frustrating constant changing image of the console.

Phil needs to take center stage and clear the air with X1 and tell us EXACTLY what it will do the most, once and for all.

Price: Yes a price cut is definitely needed for that overall price war. 400 dollar X1 with a new found and clear focus will definitely compete with Sony.

Games: The holy grail.

All that PR better be backed with great AAA's ips and established ones as well. After all you have to prove your in it for the games, games, games.

NewMonday2095d ago

the XB1 also needs games, the PS4 has twice as much games with a better score average, quantity and quality.

BX812095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

@ angelic

I agree. I expect some sort of re launching so to speak at E3. I think they're going to present the xb1 the way they should have originally. It really is a great system. I also think catching up to Sony in sales shouldn't be a priority. Sony's sales success has a lot to do with Sony making a great machine and ms's sitting on their own ball bag. A core focus on gaming will over the long run help MS catch up in sales. I don't know if they can surpass Sony but it'll increase the install base. A price cut would be great as well. Idk if they would unbundle kinect or include it and cut the price? Either way this is the most excited I've ever been for an E3. Sony/ms/nin are going to have a good one.... I hope, lol.

dedicatedtogamers2095d ago

It's not about price. Like you said, AngelicIce, it's about games and a clear focus. People buy the console to get to the games (or at least, the promise of games). People also buy a console if they believe the company who makes it has their back. Microsoft fails in both these departments.

If price was so important, Wii-U would be in the lead right now, but it isn't. Most consumers don't go "look, this is the cheapest on the market. Therefore I will buy it". If that was the case iPads and iPhones would've stopped selling years ago. Rather, people will only buy the cheaper product if they believe it's as good as the more expensive one. In the case of Xbox One, the more expensive product is inferior to the cheaper one. Matching PS4 price won't do it. $50 less won't do it. Xbox One would have to be a full $100 cheaper than PS4 in order to move the needle and I'm not even sure that would do the trick.

AngelicIceDiamond2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

@dedicated I agree but.

"Matching PS4 price won't do it. $50 less won't do it. Xbox One would have to be a full $100 cheaper than PS4 in order to move the needle and I'm not even sure that would do the trick."

300$ dollar won't happen lol now way. But a 400$ console putting it evenly price with PS4, with MS refocused console on games and crystal clear PR, more markets (with 400$ price cut) and bring the AAA's will, or at least I think start to close the gap steadily.

I don't see MS passing Sony in overall sales (if they do it won't be any time soon) but I do see them selling evenly along side PS4 if everything works out.

that widening gap is what MS needs to focus on before they start talking about beating Sony.

But overall I agree.

Kingthrash3602095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

like i said before.
in order for x1 to catch up to the will need a time machine.
go back in time, drop the kinect, have no drm in plans, and have the same focus they had with the 360 in its early years. power is an issue when the console costs so much. so like dedicated said, drop it to 299 and sign some 1st exclusives whos focus is something more than a fps.
unfortunately a time machine is yet to be invented so they gotta lay in the bed the made.

x1 is a great console but the people behind it ruined it with greed and there is no coming back from it.
kids want a ps4 more than a x1 in the US now days...where they wanted a 360 more last gen in the US.
kids rule in customers buying habits..thats why pixar/disney are billionaires the 3ds is unstoppable and mcdonalds is the biggest chain on the planet.
ps4 isnt a kids toy...but kids think its cool. i sell ps4's at my job and when a kid walks by a ps4 they say "look mom they have a ps4!" , " i want that PPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEEEE!".. .they see a xbox and walk by it like its broccoli.
xbox will sell but it will never catch the ps4 imo... they keep hyping updates and the cloud when the only people who care about that are people who likly already bought a x1 already. kids dont know sh!t about a cloud or dx12. they know games and whats "cool", and right now ps4 has that appeal.

choujij2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )


To close the gap would mean the Xbone would need to continually sell a higher quantity than whatever the PS4 is selling. Otherwise, dropping the price drop may only reduce the speed at which the gap is expanding. That's not the same thing as "closing the gap".

2095d ago
DaCandyman2095d ago

Adding to @kingthrask360. I hear those exact same words whenever I am in Gamestops in my area. I question what I see. In both Gamestop and Best buys in my Area as well as joining states when in Gamestop X1 consoles are NOT playable. They are demo video players. PS4 on the other hand have actual playable consoles with demo games installed. Most playable demo shown is Knack, a kid friendly game. So Naturally what are kids going to do? Play and demo on what they can put there hands on a try out. Not watch a video which thus far mostly shows nothing appealing to kids. A video of Titanfall - a 7-10yr old is not interested in. The features? Most kids aren't interested in unless they are Netflix junkies. These kids want to play Games on the console not watch. And the console appeal is only going to The Playble demo.

rainslacker2094d ago

I don't know if re-branding is necessary. I think they just need to show that they are going to focus heavily on the games and leave a lot of the other stuff as added features. Those little perks are just nice things to have, but the vast majority of people aren't buying the system for those features.

It's not like back with the PS3 when people may buy it as a blu-ray player, with the added bonus of getting a nice gaming machine out of it. All the added features in both systems are already available in multiple devices that people already own. There really wasn't that much demand for a device that would let you control it all from one place, and realistically, entry level TV's can do this anyways.

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GarrusVakarian2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

"26 additional Countries in September plus China in July will boost numbers but not enough to match a product that has more demand worldwide."


You can carry on burying your head in the sand and regurgitating the same lines Axios2, but you and i both know demand is the more important factor, not amount of territories sold in. That's proven by the fact that the PS4 is outselling the X1 is all of the territories the X1 is currently available in.

According to your logic, the WiiU should be beating the X1 week after week because it's available in more territories....and it's cheaper too. Yet the X1 is beating it. Why? Because the X1 is in higher demand than the WiiU....that's why.

So you carry on with your "bu bu but 72 countries" BS argument, acting like the only reason the PS4 has such a big lead is because it's available in more territories. I'll just keep proving you wrong.

ThePope2095d ago

Doesn't change the fact that when the X1 is in more territories it will have more sales. Plain and simple. No matter how deep you bury your head in the sand, you can't change facts.

GarrusVakarian2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )


How about you learn to read? I didn't once say that selling in more territories won't improve the X1's sales. The quote i "fixed" says -

"26 additional Countries in September plus China in July will boost numbers but not enough to match a product that has more demand worldwide."

"WILL boost". If i didn't think more territories would boost the X1's sales, i would have edited that part of the quote too. My whole point is that despite the inevitable boost of sales from the extra territories, the X1 still won't beat the PS4 because the PS4 is in higher demand worldwide. Demand is more important than amount of territories...evident by the example i gave using the WiiU.

You're accusing me of burying my head in the sand about something i didn't even say. Good job.

dedicatedtogamers2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

@ ThePope

"Doesn't change the fact that when the X1 is in more territories it will have more sales. Plain and simple."

Might as well say "doesn't change the fact that when the X1 is on the market for another 2 years, it will have more sales. Stop burying your head in the sand derp derp"

Really? Might I ask which markets the Xbox One hasn't launched in that will make such a huge impact on sales? Xbox One is available in its two biggest markets and it's being beaten in both of those markets. Even with Titanfall it was beaten in the USA. Plain and simple. How will launching in Poland and New Zeeland and Japan help the XBox One, huh?

I see the "72 territories vs 23" argument all the time. Might I ask what territories are going to significantly boost the Xbox One? Hmm? Anyone?

MasterCornholio2095d ago

Even if it was sold in 72 countries the sales would be better but it still wouldn't match the PS4s. The PS4 outselling the Xbox One in every single region that its in is proof of that.

Anon19742095d ago

Exactly. Not sure how this still manages to confuse people.

While a price cut wouldn't hurt the Xbox One, certainly this isn't the only answer. The PS3 was considerably more expensive than the Xbox 360 for the first few years, and remained more expensive the entire gen and yet handily outsold the Xbox 360 from the moment they were available head to head and ultimately made up the nearly nine million console lead the cheaper 360 enjoyed by the spring of 07.

Clearly price is only one factor.

SniperControl2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

What you seem to forget is that, the 360 only really did well in two regions around the world, the USA & UK. The majority of it's 80 mill sales came from those two countries, the rest of the world is Playstation orientated.

If the X1 hits the heady heights of 80 mill, only 30 mill or so will come from the rest of the world, majority will be american and british sales and even then the X1 is being outsold by PS4 in those territories.

Chevalier2094d ago

Yeah because more markets will help MS win in the 13 major markets they're currently losing in. Especially since the U.S. is the largest market and the 'system seller' Titanfall did nothing against PS4.

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gamedruid2095d ago

That's a great point, but it won't matter if it's priced higher than the ps4. Once you factor in local taxes and import costs etc. they'll be back where they started.

NYC_Gamer2095d ago

MS needs to cut the price of the console because $500 is just too expensive for many folks..

souga_houjou_jin2095d ago

the ps3 was also expensive 650 euros here
it didnt stop it to overtake the 360 worldwide

Th4Freak2095d ago

Looks like you missed the part when the PS3 was sinking straight to hell until Sony dropped its price and released competent games.

dragon822095d ago

Actually the PS3 was selling better in it's first year than the 360 did in it's first year. That same trend followed every year after that.

choujij2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

While I can't comment on others, as someone who bought 360, PS3, Wii, Wii-U, and PS4 all at launch, I can tell you the price had nothing to do with me not buying the Xbone.

Where exactly is it still for sale at 500? Everywhere I look I see nothing but retailer discounts and bundles. Its been while since I've walked into a store and have seen a non-bundle Xbone for 500 bucks.

miyamoto2094d ago

Xbox one is gonna need more than price cuts to earn the trust of gamers around the world.

user74029312095d ago

Not really, multiplayer will always run better on ps4 , ps4 also has no paywall, and a technically more advanced controller and ps plus

ScareFactor2095d ago


"multiplayer will always run better on ps4"

Multiplayer has always been better on XBL. It will continue because all games will have dedicated servers using the cloud/azure.

"technically more advanced controller"

Who cares if the controller is more technically advanced? When your thumbsticks and triggers are inferior to the competition, and is also smaller which for some people is a problem. The touchpad and lightbar that does barely anything make it more technically advanced? What a joke

"ps plus"

Ps Plus is a great value with free games and deals. PSN as a whole needs to step its game up though, it goes down often and it seems like Sony never updates anything about it except useless stability updates. What do you actually need PS+ for other than free games? you could play online for free on the PS3 idk why they didn't keep it that way. The free games on the PS4 are the best games out for the system right now and that is sad (War thunder, Dead Nation). Sony raves about them being exclusives but most of them are on PC

souga_houjou_jin2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

ah yea forgot about dat.....THA CLOUD YO THAT CLOUD

as for the exclusives stop it already we all know which console has the most 1st party studios (sony say hi)
back when the ps3 came out it didnt had any games too but look at it know ps3 OWN the 360

same will happen this gen wait a year max

as for the pc-ps4 games stop it already,half if not more 360 games are also on pc

cant remember when did the 360 won a game of the year lol it always was a multi game for that garbage so called console xd

DarXyde2095d ago

I could have respected most of your comment...then I read "useless stability updates" and found something to really disagree on. How are stability updates useless?

On a side note, I can agree with the thumbsticks--I find XBOX One's textured thumbsticks better. Have to disagree on the triggers and "useless light bar/touch pad" bit though. For the record, the touch pad can double as multiple buttons. Kojima demonstrated this in Ground Zeroes where pressing one side of the touch pad (combining touch LOCATION and using it as a button) will do something different from the other side. It's one button, but location of press can do different things. In the right developers' hands, it could be pretty neat. Tearaway did incredibly creative things with the Vita's tech. Just wait until the wunderkinds get a hold of it and really play with it (Kojima--excluding Ground Zeroes, Media Molecule, etc.)

souga_houjou_jin2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

stop it already the xbox will be second this gen
sony is here to stay on top,it may loose SOMETIME the U.S but what matters is worldwide sales and sony own there easily

thecowsaysmoo2095d ago

Not really when you consider that 40 percent of game sales comes from USA. Neither Sony or Microsoft make money off of console sales.

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