Europe Weekly, 12th April 2014

PS4 52,203 (-18%) 2,554,864
3DS 34,248 (-2%) 12,475,663
PS3 21,120 (-4%) 32,113,539
XOne 19,920 (+18%) 1,036,835
X360 11,217 (-5%) 24,708,172
WiiU 8,195 (-1%) 1,290,880
PSV 7,855 (-20%) 2,530,056
PSP 5,772 (-0%) 23,972,534
Wii 4,368 (-2%) 33,527,471

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NatureOfLogic_2101d ago

Xone can't sell more than PS3 is a huge problem for MS. This gen will be dominated by PS4 if this continues. Also this is VGchartz, so PS4 and PS3 are undertracked.

Axios22101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

TitanFall domination!


That's what happens when 1 sells in 70+ Countries the other sells in 13.

Problem solved in September when 26 more Countries are added.

Titan Fall is #1 and #2 despite the limited number of available markets, impressive.

So much for the TF not having staying power

georgeenoob2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

Exactly. People ignore the fact the PS4 is in so much more territories in Europe and worldwide just to say something like "Xbox is doomed!!".

2101d ago
MasterCornholio2101d ago

And people ignore the fact that the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One in the regions that its in.

Seriously check your facts next time.

shysun2101d ago

lol When September comes, you'll have to think of a new excuse.

GTgamer2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

OK let's alllllllll wait Til September for MS to release in other countries while in the mean time PS4 will eat up the market so do you really think its gonna help Xone by September even tho They aren't popular in the territory's they are releasing in September :/, and you should really Really stop Relying on TF Since the sequel will on be PS4 sooooooooo yeah I think you keep forgetting its not a MS owned IP.

izumo_lee2101d ago

Is that all the excuse you can come up with? One is selling in more countries than the other.

Microsoft made the choice to sell in regions that they were most successful last gen like the UK & US. So far the PS4 is outselling the One in those same regions that Microsoft were counting on.

Do you REALLY think that selling in Japan (where in 8 years the 360 has sold 2 million not even), or the other markets that Microsoft themselves consider 2nd tier to make up a 3+ million difference in overall sales?

Look at last gen when the 360 at its best had a 10 million lead on the PS3 at its worst which in 7 years time evaporated.

TheEnigma3132101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

Whose fault is it that XBone isn't released in more countries? Stop with that weak excuse.

GarrusVakarian2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

Week after week you come into these VGChartz articles with your salty, head-in-the-sand comments. What's up with that?

I'll tell you for the 100th time, demand is more important than number of countries sold in. You know this, but you choose to ignore it because you're in denial. Sony can afford to sell the PS4 is more territories because the demand is there, MS can't even outsell the PS4 in the 13 territories that MS deemed most important.

Starting your comment off with "lol" doesn't make what he said any less true. A next-gen console losing to an 8 year old last-gen console is embarrassing, no other way to put it. If you think MS isn't disappointed by that then you are plain wrong.


" People ignore the fact the PS4 is in so much more territories in Europe and worldwide "

Just like how people ignore the fact that the PS4 is ahead in each of the countries that the X1 is in?

Just like i said above, the X1 is getting beat in the territories that MS deem most important, (beaten pretty badly in Europe)...what makes you think that releasing in other European countries is going to be such a good thing? It's not going to make much of a difference. It'll catch the PS3, but no chance of catching the PS4 in Europe. These territories that MS will be releasing in later this year are already PS4 dominated areas....there will be little gain from these areas.

Nekroo912101d ago

X1 is in the biggest Markets and its being outsold in all of them (EU) by 2-1 or 3-1 in Germany etc

Most xbox one features wont even work in here so why the do we need it?! its weaker and more expensive than the ps4

MysticStrummer2101d ago

Man I wish XB1 was out in all the same territories so you guys wouldn't have an excuse to bring up this false argument.

XB1 isn't winning in any territory, and it's already out in it's strongest areas. What makes you think being out in places where even less people want it would make a difference?

Sethry1012101d ago

Also you will find that the Xbox has released in some countries already that were not part of the initial release, for example South Africa.

Plus this article is looking at one region, a release in other countries is not going to effect the sales in Europe or NA.

FITgamer2101d ago

The PS4 is out selling the Xbox One 2:1 or more in the European countries they are both released in outside of the UK. I can't wait for the them to officially release in the remaining countries to shut you up.

InTheLab2101d ago

Historically, Xbox has never done well outside of the countries it's currently selling in so why would things change with a worse version of the 360?

Bill_Willson_CIA2101d ago

Enough with this more countries bullshit!

- Ps4 is selling more than Xone in the countries that both were release.(NA and EU)

- The Tie 2 countries that MS will release are SONY dominated ones.

If you guys really think tie 2 countries will make any difference Hardware or software wise,then you are crazy!

RoboticusRex2101d ago

Those countries xboxone is not released in are not major markets and therefore quite inconsequential. But I can see how the ps3 beating the xboxone would make people try and spin it.

TheTwelve2101d ago

The "70 vs 13 countries" thing is the newest excuse for poor X1 sales.

When that is resolved and the sales are still similar, what will be next?

There are too many things wrong with the X1 compared to the PS4. Enjoy your consoles but there won't be much of a system wars this gen.

Muzikguy2101d ago

I completely fail to see the logic of comments like these. I'm not out to make this a heated debate or anything, but the PS4 being released in more countries has nothing to do with the system outselling the XboxOne in the same countries. Releasing in 26 more won't help. PS4 will still outsell in US, UK, and JP just as it is now. Maybe even more so because there will be less supply in the countries they first released. Obviously MS wanted to release in the countries it did for the best start possible.

theunleashed642101d ago


That has to be one of the most stupidest excuse's I have seen all day.

NewMonday2101d ago

why are people arguing about made up VGChartz numbers?

Gamer19822101d ago

Countries are the issue as MS is still shipping the same amount of consoles or at least has the potential to. So stop being so deluded. Also people can import if they need to also its really not that hard to do.. I hate how people use that crap as an excuse for Europe.. PS3 slaughtered Xbox 360 last generation also and they were both in as many countries so stop talking so much crap and caring about something that is clearly Microsofts problem and not yours.. How about your worry about finishing your games and getting your achievements and leave the sales to Microsoft yeah??

I mean the MS defense force on here is unreal you would think every N4g poster is a stockholder in MSFT..

classic192101d ago

lol give the other country stuff a break, i mean ps4 has shipped in alot of countries, but them countries only received around maybe a few hundred. most of sony ps4 sold came from the top usa/uk/jp enough said.. ms may not ever catch sony just being honest. it will sell well tho for sure..

04STIBluByU2101d ago

Here is a reference that might help with the 26 more countries...Jackal Jackal Jackal Jackal its a Jackal...Stewie: If it was't right the first time then why in the hell would it be right the next 4 times...walks away!

GarrusVakarian2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

Despite making your comment 55 minutes ago, you have stayed on this page in order to dodge the 15 minute time limit on editing your comment, just to say "Titanfall domination!"....lmao. Wow man, do you have any idea how insane and in denial that makes you look?

The X1 is getting beat by the PS3 in Europe. THE PS3!, and that's with an 18% INCREASE for the X1 and a 4% DECREASE for the PS3. It's also getting outsold by over 2-1 by the PS4 this week alone. But i guess all of that doesn't matter.....because Titanfall, Right?

Is that going to be your go-to excuse for everything now? Every time the X1 gets beat by the PS4, it's "Titanfall domination!"?

Man, talk about burying your head in the sand. You take it to the next level.

KakashiHotake2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

You guys do realize PS4 is outselling Xbox One even in the countries their both in, and the only reason Xbox One isn't in all the other countries is because they knew it would flop?

Kayant2101d ago

"Titan Fall is #1 and #2 despite the limited number of available markets, impressive.

So much for the TF not having staying power" - Is really doing impressive numbers in US/UK outsell from that go check the EU region XB1 is officially released in and it's not charting anywhere close to what it's doing in US/UK.

When people say more countries won't help the XB1 it makes sense since one MS felt the need to not release in 23 countries as original planned, PS4 is already outselling it in the same countries both are in and TF isn't helping it. Do you think the amount of units from these other countries would make a significant difference to XB1 knowing they favor the PS brand more, it's showing like last gen and PS4 is already be a large margin in the same EU countries both are in.

AndrewLB2101d ago

Perhaps you guys missed it but if you pay attention, Xbone is beating PS4 in USA the past few weeks. That's impressive regardless of whose knee-pads you're wearing.

Plus... there's no money in Console sales so all the PS4 sales are meaningless as long as games aren't being bought in large numbers. And the facts are that Microsoft xbone is only 20% behind Sony ps4 in software sales.

Not to mention Xbox 360 has sold over 70 MILLION more games than PS3. That's where the $$$ is at!

BDSE2101d ago

Surely then if all it is is a matter of not being available in the same territories as the PS4 why isn't it outselling the PS4 in the territories that is on sale in?

Clarence2101d ago

Your funny. Those 26 countries combined can not compete with NA. Based off the hype, Titanfall should be well passed 1.3m.

Face it the PS4 is running away with this gen. What will be your excuse when 26 countries are added and the xbone is still lagging behind?

Stop it. M$ released the xbone in the territories that sale the most. Those other countries won't make that much difference.

MysticStrummer2101d ago

@AndrewLB - XB won NA handily last gen and still came in 3rd out of 3. XB may very well win NA again when all is said and done, but the gap won't be nearly as wide in XB1's favor. The result will be a bigger worldwide gap in PS4's favor. The point is, releasing XB1 in areas where demand is very low won't help much. Sony is simply a stronger brand worldwide when it comes to consoles.

As for where the money is, I guess that's good info for potential stockholders, but otherwise if you're concerned about the console maker's profit margin I'd say you're focusing on the wrong things as a gamer. All I want is for my console to sell enough to insure longterm support and, assuming I enjoy my time with the console, keep the maker from leaving the business.

SilentNegotiator2101d ago


Then they'll just claim that Xbone will sell as fast as Ps4 when it launches in Zimbabwe and Iran. lol

2101d ago
choujij2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

@ Axios2 & Georgenoob. You both crack me up. lol

I wonder if you guys really believe have the things you say.

Magicite2101d ago

X1 is already available in most countries even if not officially, everyone who really wanted to buy, already got it.

zerog2101d ago

All September will bring is 26 more countries for x1 to lose in, its already losing in all 13 its currently in. Why is it so hard for people like you and georgenoob to understand that the x1 doesn't have a lead in ANY country, none, not one? Adding more will only add more to the places they are losing.

ziggurcat2101d ago

@ georgeenoob:

no, people aren't ignoring that the PS4 is in 70+ countries. what you're ignoring, though, is that of the countries that both xbone, and PS4 are being sold, PS4 is out on top. that alone renders your whole argument moot.

frostypants2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

"That's what happens when 1 sells in 70+ Countries the other sells in 13. "

Territories means squat. Total market is what matters, and the fact is that the 13 countries that the One is sold in make up the vast majority of the total market. So, no, the One isn't yet available in Derpistan or The Republic of Dirt...but even if it did it wouldn't matter. There's a reason why MS isn't selling in these places: because they know the sales aren't there. You guys talk as if all territories represent the same potential customer base.

Fatal-Aim2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

@ Axios2

u r so butt hurt. lol! first off, your precious box is being outsold in it's own dang territory, and not even TF could save it. secondly, is sony suppose to apologize because, by they being a hardware company, they were able to supply the market faster than MS? give me a break! I bet when MS launched that entire year ahead of them with the 360, you weren't complaining about "countries" then, were you? And even after all of that, Sony STILL caught them - even with all of their fumbles. ....kinda burns your biscuits, i'm sure. lol! I bet you're there wishing MS could pull a similiar feat with Sony's puny WEEK head start. lmao!

Guwapo772101d ago

Axios - does this sound like a good strategy? Sounds like MS made a huge mistake by releasing in only 13 countries. It's not like they don't have the stock, every where I go they have a several to a pallet worth on display.

Why damn near a year later to open in the other markets is mind boggling to me.

dale_denton2100d ago

and how is that sony's fault they have more markets? go tweet to phil spencer and ask him why? until then stay delusional

UltraNova2100d ago

IMO, one of the main reasons MS choose to release the ONE in only 13 countries is because they tried to limit the inevitable backlash of people all around the world realizing that the heavily advertised media center does not work in their country.

What that means is they knew they couldn't provide those media services they proudly (misguided)advertised in 95% of the countries they could release their console/media center.

Correct me if I m wrong but the only countries who have access to those Cable etc features is US and UK so far.

So what is the point of a global release of a product hailed as the media center King when it would be obvious to the customer (some wouldn't even know better)they cannot use it as they were led to believe?

Kosmacz2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

I am going to disagree. For you information, xbox one is available everywhere, not in 13 countries.
F.e. in Poland, it's officially not yes available, but you can buy it in any electronics network, including Saturn, MM and many others small shops as well.
Just take a look:

The same goes for most other EU countries. You ask me for price? It's cheap. In some cases cheaper than PS4. So, it's going to change exactly NOTHING.
Besides, PS4 is outselling XB One in it's main regions too.

CartBlanche2100d ago

@AndrewLB Check your US numbers again. for the last 6 weeks in the US region, the XBox One has ONLY beaten the PS4 for 2 of those last 6 weeks (including 12th of April). Nothing else. Titan Fall's release only accounted for 1, yes just 1, of the weeks that XBox One outsold the PS4 in the US. If you look at a longer period in the US, you will see that the PS4 is even further ahead weeks wise.

The real numbers are out there, if you are not scared to look them up yourself.

S2Killinit2100d ago

Im tired of explaining to people why its irrelevant to sales numbers that xbone is in less regions. The "problem" is not going to be fixed by MS releasing in more regions. (They will get an initial hike in sales though).

Mr Lahey2100d ago

"Those 26 countries combined can not compete with NA"


How hard can it be to understand? It's been said a million times now..

Why do people think MS waited? The remaining markets are very small compared to XONEs release territories!

medman2100d ago

This bozo forgets the xbone won't have the advantage of selling multiple consoles to the same group of dopes due to the massive failure rate. That, and the 360 had more than one full year on the market before the launch of the ps3, and the ps3 was more expensive and still has sold more worldwide than the 360 despite all that. Game over son, game over. Dat bone will continue to eat the ps4's dust this entire generation, unless of course dx12 bricks xbone's and the fools rush out once more to buy replacement consoles. I wouldn't put it past Microsoft at all. Their engineers are probably working on a way to brick that bone as we speak.

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Automatic792101d ago

@argument you do know that X1 is in less territories in Europe so of course well sell less. Enough with flame bate responses. People are tired of the nonsense. Most of us are happy that gaming is not dead period.

metatronx2101d ago

are you a moron or just plain ignorant? Xbone is getting outsell in major market, i.e: U.K. How can you explain that? Don't give me that X1 is selling in less territories excuse. lol

Bennibop2101d ago

Yeah you guys just wait until xbox one releases in territories it has historically never sold in, then it will outsell the PS4 and be twice as powerful because of the cloud and DX12! Mean while back on planet earth another fantastic week for Sony.

Muzikguy2101d ago

I like how well the PS3 is doing!

QuickdrawMcgraw2101d ago

Not really a surprise the PS3 out selling Xbox1..Now is the perfect time to buy a PS3...It does more then the PS4...And has a lot of great exclusives...Plenty of time to buy a Xbox1 and PS4...

metatronx2101d ago

@AndrewLB: You do know that PS4 topped NPD for March right? :)

DemonChicken2101d ago

Guess not judging from his response xD

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fonger082101d ago

I think the numbers for the big 3 will decrease as the consumers that haven't upgraded yet are waiting to see what E3 reveals. Whether the Xbox will get a price decrease, what games are hitting the PS4 and more importantly when, and obviously what direction/games is Nintendo going to go with.

frostypants2101d ago

Imagine if Sony beat them to the punch with a price decrease...

fonger082101d ago

Sony is in a great position to not have to even if Microsoft does. Microsoft needs/has to in order to keep up over even try and recover some of gap that Sony already has. Not mention Sony HAS to turn a profit or at least come close with the PS4 and it's software, they don't have much room to be financially flexible at this point with the PS4

Tony-A2101d ago ShowReplies(4)
Tony-A2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )


I think you misunderstood the argument at hand.

I personally - and I think I speak for Hicken and others in this forum, as well - am not saying that the sales figures for the XBO will remain at zero if they launch in countries where they're currently not available.

I was speaking in direct response to the posters above who believe that in this territory EXCLUSIVELY - sales would somehow be improved for the XBO if MS were to launch in separate, completely unrelated, smaller territories.

Obviously, that doesn't mean that opening the console to more markets will have no effect. In fact, it's OBVIOUS that there will be an increase in worldwide consoles sales following more market launches. That's not the debate.

The debate - and a silly one, IMO - is the argument that the XBO will do better in EU if it launches in Japan or China. That's like saying that the PS4 will do even better in sales here in the US if they open a Sony Store on the Moon. Negate the fact that no one lives there, it's the simple fact that those two territories have nothing to do with each other!

Now, on the worldwide scale, yes the XBO will have a slight increase. But I predict nothing major. The Xbox brand is weak to almost non-existent in the territories where they are not found. Releasing in said territories will make little difference, and certainly won't match the sales of the PS4 on a worldwide scale.

corvusmd2101d ago

MS Really needs to release in more countries, they are getting stomped in VGChartz numbers.

MasterCornholio2101d ago

VG numbers dont matter to them. Its the real numbers that they announce that does.

Seriously did you really think that Microsoft and Sony care about the numbers that they post in VGZs?

Funny how they comment on NPD but ignore VG am I right?

T22101d ago

Yes because I'm sure the 200 per week they sell in Japan is really going to help. Lol

SoulSercher6202101d ago

And real numbers too :) But of course you'll ignore that fact.

johndoe112112101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

Vgchartz is for forum posters, neither microsoft nor sony nor nintendo give a rat's a$$ about vgchartz, they care about NPD. You'll never see them tweeting about high sales numbers or outselling the competition using vgchartz statistics.

I don't know if you were ignorant to the fact or if you're trying to give more validity to vgchartz than they actually have because they have a tendency to over state microsoft numbers and under state sony numbers but you need to deal with reality concerning this.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 2101d ago
Automatic792101d ago

Gamers are caring about having more games for next Gen. Right now VGChartz only matter to a select few for bragging rights. Note: Can't wait for E3 for all new IP's to be announced good luck to all 3 companies knock em dead.

NewMonday2101d ago

bragging about fake numbers is silly

Automatic792100d ago

What's really funny is that I have a decent response and I get 18 disagree and people wonder why this website needs improvements.