My PS4, Xbox One and Wii U are Gathering Dust, But I Don’t Care

CraveOnline: "The ongoing "plight" of the early adopters of the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U continues.

With each launch of a new console, those who choose to purchase the hardware within the same year of its release throw their arms up in the air when they come to realize that maybe, just maybe, they should have waited for more games to come out for their system."

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Wedge192100d ago

I have to agree. My PS3 sees way more play time right now than my PS4 does.

JsonHenry2100d ago

Mine are all collecting dust as well. However my PC is getting plenty of play time. Mostly because of Dota 2 though. Nothing really spectacular going on in PC land at the moment either. Watch Dogs **might** be the next big thing for next gen/PC.

2100d ago
DarthZoolu2100d ago

My X1 isn't collecting dust I actually need to cut back on how much I'm playing. Since I got this thing gaming is all I've been doing. I have a lot of tv to catch up on. Plus these voice commands are making me lazy, I have no idea where my remote is.

acharlez2100d ago

I don't have any next-gen consoles yet.

LightningMokey2100d ago

Lol That disagree. No I disagree you Do have one! Even you don't know it.

eaise2100d ago

I play my Wii U almost everyday. But I also have most of the games that have been released for it so that may make a difference

hduce2100d ago

I guess you can call me a gaming fanatic because all three of my now current gen consoles receive playing time as well as my PC.

fonger082100d ago

Same here, just beat Mario 3DW, going back to play Tomb Raider and Ni No Kuni. I thought about buying MLB The Show for PS4, but as a personal rule, I try not buying any sports title at full price.

Sevir2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

To some, but my PS4 sees plenty of play... I can't really complain. Infamous, Tomb Raider DF, Resogun, Strider, Killzone Multiplayer. Good times, can't wait for Watch_Dogs

Deathdeliverer2099d ago

I'm the same way but it's warframe and Final Fantasy 14: ARR that have my ps4 always on. My Wii U is patiently waiting on Mario Kart and my Xbox 1 is waiting for something I can't get on ps4 tbh. My girl turns it on for youtube though (or the living room PS3) I guess if you are the type of gamer that only plays 2 genre's then yes, I can see you having nothing to play. But on ps4 and people that like a anything good, you currently have Damn near everything. From chess to pinball, puzzles (forgot about fez. Love it!) To horror. If you can't find something to play on there it might be your fault. Plus my anime fix with crunchyroll.

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The story is too old to be commented.