A digital trip with giant spiders - Hands on with Watch_Dogs | Gaming Trend

Gaming Trend Editor in Chief Ron Burke spent a good several hours playing Ubisoft's hotly anticipated open-world hack-a-thon, and discovers more than a few surprises – including the ability to play as a giant spider.

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eaise2097d ago

This game looks so good. I wish it was coming to Wii U in May along with the other consoles. Oh well I can wait for Fall

curtis922097d ago

You know it's on 360 and ps3 as well. That's essentially what the Wii U version will be.

eaise2096d ago

The Wii U version will look better than PS360 version. Similar to Assassin's Creed 4. Plus the gamepad will make the gameplay better

elninels2096d ago

Are you cool for trolling the wii u?

Knightshade2096d ago

I was pretty blown away by how well it's all come together. The delay really helped I think.