Watch Dogs Multiplayer Preview: It's Dark Souls meets Assassin's Creed | GameZone

GameZone: "Watch Dogs offers up six different modes that are instantly available from the in-game smartphone. Simply open up the map, scroll over to the multiplayer map and pick a mode. The game then auto matches you to others that are compatible with you. The six modes are Tailing, ctOS Mobile Challenge, Hacking, Race, Decryption and Free Roam. With the exception of Free Roam, I was able to get some decent hands on time with the rest of the online modes."

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Goro2100d ago

Probably more unnecessary multiplayer, like most Ubisoft games.

2100d ago Replies(2)
eaise2100d ago

Looks to be cool mulitplayer modes. Will it be a good game without ever playing multiplayer? Yes. Will multiplayer be a fun addition to the main game? It sure seems like it

XiNarutoUzumaki2100d ago

In other words, no innovation.

Geekman2100d ago

Check out Game Theory's "Gamers are killing the game industry" video.

stavrami-mk22100d ago

Meh ac mp is not really to my taste

theshredded2100d ago

Well i enjoyed Dark souls mp so this is gr8 news