Watch Dogs looks 'identical' on Xbox One & PS4

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Watch Dogs look "identical" to one another, according to animation director Colin Graham, who believes that players' TVs will make a bigger difference to the way the game looks than either of the two consoles.

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stuna13212d ago

By reading the article, he is still sidestepping the asked question about resolution! They are either the same or, they're not!? Like past games after the fact is when all the true differences will undoubtedly come out.

ArchangelMike3212d ago

He skips it because as he says they have a deal with Sony, so they cant really start talking XbOne specifics, and inadvertently "advertising" that version, positively or negatively.

Eonjay3212d ago

Discussing specifications is not advertisement.

system223212d ago

agreed. all of the marketing and advertising has been about the ps4. they have even had sony purchased interviews so the devs could praise the ps4 development without even acknowledging the xbox one at all (good or bad).

Eonjay3212d ago


And yet, he says they look identical. We already know that the PS4 version looks great so he basically acknowledged that the Xbox version will look good as well.

And reading between the lines, his comment about different TV sizes confirms diverging resolutions.

morganfell3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Actually the key is here:

"Animation-wise it's identical, absolutely identical."

What he is telling us is the models used on the X1 version have the same hand animated or MOCAP animations rigged to the model as the PS4 and PC versions.

That's it.

Everything else at that point is up for grabs. Games that are 480p and 1080p can have the same animations. Games on the PS1 and the latest quad-SLI rig running a game in 4K can have the same animations. Also, this is not the first time he has used the "same animations" remark to sidestep the question.

This isn't about a marketing deal with Sony but rather the desire to avoid anger and mass preorder cancellations from X1 fans when the game is revealed to be running at a lower resolution as well as possessing other issues. It is more about Ubi trying to please MS than it is about a Sony deal.

MysticStrummer3212d ago

He said animations and assets are identical, but I agree with Eonjay about the TV part of his comment. The resolutions won't be the same.

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nicksetzer13212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

@morganfall, good spin ... try spinning this statement though. Idk why certain members here find good/positive/non-negative XB1 news (or bad/negative ps4 news) so offensive that you have to try to dismiss it...

"In terms of PlayStation 4 versus Xbox One versions of the game, Guay says they're so similar that he sometimes has to check the controller or the UI to figure out which platform is running the game.

"It pretty much looks alike," he said. "You know, I get fooled. You can't really tell just from the image."

@mystic name a single dev/game that claimed that and released a game that was noticably different... guranteed, you will never respond, as it didn't happen. Surely not from the project lead on multiple occasions...

AngelicIceDiamond3212d ago

@Mike you know when these deals are starting to get out of hand when you can't even talk specifics on a different consoles.

Wow next gen is ALL gonna be about who has the top dollar.

MysticStrummer3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

@nick - You mean you never noticed last gen that most of the time when a dev claimed the PS3/360 versions were identical there were differences when they released? So far, the differences this gen have been more noticeable. Expect that to continue.

TheGreatAndPowerful3212d ago

Of course it will.. because it's running at lower resolution.

sonarus3212d ago

i honestly don't care will still play this on ps4.

morganfell3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )


HAHAHAHA I am still laughing. Did you read what you wrote? You are the one that is finding X1 news offensive and feel compelled to act. It is precisely what you just did. Save the Xbox!!!!

Was that in the article polygon bit in the article above?


Was I talking about the article above?


I'll see your article and raise you two:

BTW, Animation Director > Senior Producer when it comes to accuracy regarding the look of a game.

I am not spinning anything merely discussing the article at hand. It isn't a matter of looking for bad news. I took my quote from article so I am at fault? That article you quoted is dated March 6 and is the only one that has given any indication of parity when all of the rest have been one dodge after another. They are still dodging and it isn't any deal with Sony.

If anyone is spinning anything you are the one that is not reading your own comment. When a developer says, They pretty much look alike" it is easy to draw an accurate deduction based on what this generation has shown us thus far when a developer doesn't say "There is no difference". This game has been played repeatedly this gen. When are you going to wake up?

Don't worry, you will get your chance to shine. I will bookmark your comment and we'll revisit it in a few weeks. We'll see how much of "I have to look at the buttons" actually applies. And be forewarned, I will be relentless.

You see the problem isn't as you said, "why certain members here find good/positive/non-negative XB1 news (or bad/negative ps4 news) so offensive that you have to try to dismiss it..."

Rather it is people such as yourself that keep ignoring this:

MS made their own bad news by choosing the casual living room approach then changing their mind after the fact.

Lastly, I am a Sony supporter. I admit that. I have not only admitted it a hundred times on this site but I have boasted it. That's the difference. You take the tack you are holier than thou objective but your history says you are anything but that. So stop bobbing up and down because actually you are not on a high horse. Stop clapping those coconut halves together. You are quite below many of the fanboys who can at least be honest about their angled views on matters.

Dee_913212d ago

Considering a lot of people apparently buy a game based on its specifications, i'd say discussing specifications is part of advertisement/ marketing..

nicksetzer13212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

@morganfell I "saved xbox" by pointing out your statements inaccuracy? (And nothing more) However, you go an entire anti-xbox speel for no reason at all after making an incorrect statement and claim you aren't a fanboy? The only ones buying that are other sony fanboys. Luckily for you the odds on this site are in your favor, rather than rationality.

Also, I find it funny that you quote only part of an answer so that it seems to fit your bias (aka spinning) do you really think he needs a larger and correctly calibrated tv to tell the difference in animations??? No, so why completely skip that part?

960p upscaled looks a hell of a lot better tha 1080i upscaled, and you guys didn't seem to notice that. Just because you are deluding your own reality to convince yourself 1080p and 960p upscaled looks noticably different doesn't mean that devs share that same delusion.

"The Xbox One version is good. I check it on the floor a lot. Animation-wise it's identical, absolutely identical. I know people talk about that a lot... ***But I can't tell the difference when I go on the floor. I have to look at the consoles because the TVs make a bigger difference in terms of what you see on somebody's machine. Is it calibrated correctly? Is it the resolution of the TV? Which kind of TV is it? I actually can't tell the difference on those two [consoles]. As far as I can see they're identical.**"

Lastly, I have at no point claimed other than that I prefer xbox, but just as last gen, i own both consoles.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Sorry ms fans but good or bad you can't listen to anything ubisoft says....they are the biggest liars in gaming right now all they care about is absolute sales. And they'll do/ say anything to get them. What kind of developer makes a game on wii u, ps4. Xbox one, 360, ps3 and pc/ you can't stretch game development that thin with only a year or so of development (assassins creed 4 ) then end up making a horrible pc port that is capped at 60 FPS. Yet ubisoft said this time it would be a good quality port. Still can't play that game on my 6000 dollar pc. Stutters at 60fps with gsync on. Absolute optimization fail. Worst $69.99 I've ever spent.

Tbh I distrust them so much even if they say something good about the ps4 or pc I won't believe them because I bet the pc version will be capped at 60fps rendering my sli'd 780ti classy's + gsync useless. I'll be pirating any ubisoft game from now on to see if it's even playable before I lay down $65.00. My brother tried to warn me about assassins creed 4 black flag for pc and I didn't listen 69.00 bucks later and I got digital paper weight. I've done everything in my power to get that damn game to work. Almost thinking of demanding ubisoft for an exchange for the ps4 version I hear it's better.

morganfell3212d ago

How is my statement inaccurate? All I am doing is quoting the article above which is backed up by 99% of the articles about this issue? Are all of those articles inaccurate as well? Is it you against the world? It's a good thing you cannot answer because no answer wqould suffice.

BTW, you may not be aware but the word inaccurate DOES NOT MEAN "a statement that makes me feel insecure about my hardware purchase." Just thought you should know.

Producers are political animals - something else you should know. Everyone that is ducking this issue, the same issue that has haunted the Xbox One for 6 months, is being political but come launch day the truth is out there in plain sight.

In the world according to nick, every website except Polygon seems to be 'inaccurate', which may be the case as you have your own definition for the word. You and your pal Crecente must have some sort of insider information. And of course I am spinning matters when the articles backing my view outnumber yours 50:1.

air13212d ago


You come off as a know it all "well if he said this then he means this" this is what's been happening so this will happen"...

My question is since you know so much, sometimes you seem to know more than developers... Why are you stuck here on n4g? I mean all this knowledge you have on what ppl mean and how games are made I would think you would get a job in that field...

scott1823212d ago

Wow, Sony paid them and yet they say the product looks "identical" in both versions... That is referring to the X1 visuals! Resolution is part of that, there is no reason he would be able to refer to the X1's visuals by saying they look identical in animations and such then not be able to mention resolution.

Why would Sony care anyways? They have no need to pay someone to pump up the PS4 version. The PS4 versions generally perform better anyways.

morganfell3212d ago

A know it all? You mean because I agree with 99% of the articles on this matter I am a know it all?

What would it make me if I agreed with the 1% view? Hmmmm? A know it less?

It is a little smug to open your remarks with an insult and then expect a sensible answer. In order to make a point you completely ignore the manner development has been proceeding this generation. We already have the X1 finding it impossible to render 1080p on multiplat corridor shooters. What do you think will occur in a sandbox?

It is also laughable in one fell swoop you just insulted everyone on N4G with the clear implication that only the incapable find themselves here. You must see this as a Sargasso Sea of humanity. Assuming no one of any skill or employment within the industry comes here isn't simple naivete, but it is instead rather narrowminded.

And work in gaming? Me? Oh no, there is absolutely no way I have anything to do with the field of gaming.

MysticStrummer3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

@Nick - You're joking right? Parity was the multi plat buzzword last gen. No, I'm not going to look for examples. You know as well as I do that it happened many times. Devs or publishers would say the two versions were identical, then upon release sites like Lens of Truth would go to work and prove they weren't. You're right that last gen the differences weren't as noticeable, and LoT turned that into their bread and butter, but this gen the differences are much more noticeable.

RedDevils3212d ago

In other word this Xbone just make it look shitter

SilentNegotiator3212d ago


The word you're looking for is "context", not "spin"

Neonridr3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

well reading all that drivel was a waste of time. Why must some people here feel the need to act like a 4 year old and pretend like their words are god here. Just because you can use complicated, big words in your response doesn't mean it carries any more weight. Listening to nick and morganfell cry back and forth about each other is quite bothersome. Why can't we just take the word of the guy being interviewed. He says the games look identical. Identical to me doesn't mean one is being rendered at 720p and one at 1080p. Even if there is a difference in the resolutions, it still doesn't change take away from either version. So what if the Xbox One version will be 900p and the PS4 at 1080p. Who cares? Does that mean that the Xbox version won't be as fun because there might be a few more jaggies at a far distance?

Just leave it alone already.

morganfell3211d ago

The only thing worse than people acting like 4 year olds are those that think they are the parents of 4 year olds. Check that, it is those that act as if they have never debated a point on N4G thus they are in reality placed on the same ground as those they attempt (and fail miserably) to ridicule.

You should judge a person's speech on the content of their thoughts rather than the length of words used to express said thoughts. Focusing on the length of words is a rather shallow approach and contributes nothing to the original debate. In fact it is a hindrance and detraction so in taking your current course you have made the debate less informative than it might have been.

In the end you have made the discussion less than it was without your presence. Do not pretend the conversation was inconsequential for it mattered enough for you to comment. You called it crying but the real caterwauling is found in your commenst rather than those of persons staunchly defending their view.

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vallencer3212d ago

I mean in some respect he's right but not completely. My brother and I each have a tv fully capable of 1080p and calibrated. Mine is a Samsung and his is a LG. The games on mine look more crisp and clean then his do. But the hardware of the system still matters. I'm sure they don't look that different but I'm never going to know as I don't have a ps4 to test a copy of it on. However I really don't care because the Xbox one copy I'm getting is still going to look pretty.

Jazz41083212d ago

If you guys think whatever this slight diffrence is that nobody says exist but fanboys is so important then you need to start gaming on pcs where specs are what matters. These are consoles and I thought we were In it for the games not to tear another apart for some slight advantage one might have. As far a morganfell dude I just use ignore on him.

rainslacker3212d ago

A TV can make a drastic difference on the look of a game. The same TV can look drastically different if one is calibrated and one is not. Just something as simple as the contrast or brightness settings cause huge differences in the look.

It's kind of a cop-out to say it depends on the TV when talking about hardware differences. Devs and testers tend to play on reference level monitors or TV's. Using the same TV as a reference, one should be able to determine which one looks better, but even then, an uncalibrated TV can show less detail which can sometimes make it seem that the hardware could be inferior on one version...such as if one is upscaled and one isn't.

oODEADPOOLOo3212d ago

Safe wording so he dosent get in trouble. In person might be harder to tell differences since resolutions are similar with PS4 still having higher res.

mark3214uk3212d ago

will anyone be shocked when they announce its under 1080p on the x1? .......i wont it will be the standered this gen even after directx12,good news is its looking like devs are not going to compromise anymore,if your console cant handle it TUFF :)

tuglu_pati3211d ago

I prefer a little drop in resolution than compromising in other areas. I mean resolution is important but it doesn't make a game next gen. Pac-man could run at 1080p and that wouldn't make it next gen right.

Anyway I will probably get this one for my PS4 since i'm not playing anything in it right now. The bone can manage with TF for a while.

Blasphemy3212d ago

no wonder the game was downgraded on ps4.

ITPython3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

If the two versions look identical, then parity is confirmed.

Although they have said this before about the animations, which as we all know animations really have nothing to do with the graphical quality, resolution, or FPS of a game.

They are likely trying to avoid the whole resolution-gate controversy. But they better be careful, because if they keep saying that the two versions look identical then PS4 players are going to get turned off to the game thinking that it has been gimped/held back.

They need to realize that they will lose more customers from the PS4 market by saying things like this than if they were to come straight out and say that the XB1 version is inferior.

And if the PS4 version is indeed no different from the XB1 version, then I will not be buying this game new and will make sure that the devs/publisher see none of my money.

TheXgamerLive3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Ok reality check. Of the games where ps4 has better resolution, the Xbox One version still looks better. Better lighting and small texture details. In EVERY multiplatform game cept mgsv zeros and even their its small.
Look at any DF or IGN comparison and stop frame.
If your denyin your lyin.
This is due to the move engine and directX 11, cant wait to see the results of the updated sdk and DX12.

SpinalRemains1383212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Wow. I don't know what's worse.

The nonsense you're spewing or the sense I get that you actually believe it.

MysticStrummer3212d ago

"Ok reality check…" (proceeds with delusional mini rant)

The Farce is strong with this one.

solidjun53212d ago

"Of the games where ps4 has better resolution, the Xbox One version still looks better...."


"This is due to the move engine and directX 11, cant wait to see the results of the updated sdk and DX12."

LMAO!! Ahh man. Do you believe what you write?

TheXgamerLive3211d ago

Yes its true. You know this as well or you'd linked proof otherwise.
Go on watch ACIV or Tomb Raider oy Theif or COD or BF4.
DF or IGN go on.

solidjun53211d ago

"Yes its true. You know this as well or you'd linked proof otherwise"
You truly are delusional. Okay, I'll bite.


"But despite the inconsistency in the PS4 experience, we still feel it's the preferable buy. During combat - a key element in the game - we see the Xbox One drop down to the mid 20s, with the PS4's higher frame-rate offering a clear advantage in both smoothness and response, despite the fluctuations"

"Overall, PlayStation 4 takes the lead where the next-gen consoles are concerned,...."

Now where does it say the Xbox One version looks better? Otherwise, why would they say "Playstation 4 takes the lead....?"


For battlefield, where does it says it looks better on the One or the lighting is better?


"Here it's abundantly clear that one platform has a distinct advantage over the other owing to the vast resolution differential: FINE DETAILS, SUBTLE DETAILS and complex scenery all appear SHARPER and more DEFINED on PlayStation 4, while these elements simply aren't displayed with the same level of clarity on Xbox One, giving the game a distinctly fuzzy look that doesn't really tally with our expectations of a next-gen experience."

Says nothing about xbox one looking better, or having better lighting.

Here are the links you wanted. Verdict: Like Spinal said above, you spew nonsense.

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showtimefolks3212d ago

if it looks the same that means UBI sacrificed to make the game look the same otherwise its a known fact by now that every game will look and play better on ps4

front page of n4g

Lords of the Fallen Dev: 1080p 'Slightly Tougher' on Xbox One Than PS4

xbox one is not as powerful as ps4 so why do ps4 fans have to suffer, last gen almost every 3rd party game looked better on xbox360 and us ps3 fans had to hear it every day. Now xbox one is holding ps4 back and it sucks

Rageanitus3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

To be fair, when PC gamers bring up resolution the console front says it don't matter. All of a sudden resolution and AA dont mean antying....

MysticStrummer3212d ago

To be fair, PC gamers do that in console articles a lot, and a PC gamer bringing up those things isn't talking about how all PCs will perform.

Just like last gen, these conversations are about a more expensive console not performing as well with multi plats as a cheaper one.

tuglu_pati3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

I dont mind resolution that much as long as the resolution isn't under 900p but AA I do, I hate jaggies.

AgentSmithPS43212d ago

I want companies to stop lying to us, just work hard on the game and give us the best you can do for all systems, don't nerf anything.

I am NOT going to buy this game until I see a price reduction IF they forced parity on me, I didn't do my research only to be nerfed anyway!

Jonny5isalive3211d ago

that must be the reason for the downgrade then I guess.

brich2333211d ago

I will be real disappointed if Watch dogs is not 1080p on ps4, and if its 720p on Xbox one.

Gamer19823211d ago

He didn't side step resolution he mentioned TVs will make a differnce meaning clearly xbox has a lower res.. As if you have a small TV (30" or under) you won't tell the differnce if Xbox has a lower res.

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ArchangelMike3212d ago

We wont be able to b tell the difference either, but that won't stop the endless screenshot comparisons for hits n clicks.

adorie3211d ago

Who is this "we" you speak of? I just got a gtx 780ti from Newegg for the purpose of going 2k gaming. Try lowering the resolution to 720p on a game like bioshock infinite, while on a native 1080p monitor and tell me there isn't a difference in fidelity.

Some of the people saying otherwise are stuck in bizzaro land and cannot escape.

You have my sympathies.

SyluxPT3212d ago

Can't wait to play it!!!

dumahim3212d ago

Didn't we already have a story about this quote a couple weeks ago?

frostypants3212d ago

Yes. Not sure if it was the same event but the same thing was said: the animation is identical. No one has said a peep about resolution though.

Cueil3212d ago

because Resolution doesn't effect how a game looks nearly as much as people would like to think

Hicken3212d ago

Right, Cueil. We all just upgraded to HD for no reason.

Goku7813212d ago

It only took a 5 month delay to catch up to the PS4.