Nintendo Please Save Miiverse - New Update Is Going To Kill The Community Spirit

Mike from Mii-gamer:

Our Ex-good friend Marty from Miiverse, has now inadvertently ticked off the Miiverse community with the latest updates. The first update is in regards to the PC version of Miiverse. Nintendo has added "Verified user Icon" at the top of the community screen. Furthermore, a community search function has now been added.

The second update has really angered the community. A new restriction has now been integrated, restricting Users from posting in quick successions. Essentially, forcing users to wait 3 minutes before they can comment again on the same post.

Naturally, this has not bode well for Miiverse inhabitants, and could potentially kill the community spirit.

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diepdiep2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

I could understand that they're trying to prevent spammers on Miiverse, but making ALL users follow this restriction is downright unfair.

sloth33952098d ago

its not like they can aim it just at the spammers that's why

randomass1712098d ago

Of course they can. People can report spam on Miiverse. I know because I did it one time on my friend's Wii U. :P

AKR2098d ago

Yeah, they can.

Just like how N4G has personal restrictions; Miiverse can implement it too. If you get caught consistently posting meaningless messages on people's posts; then you get put on a time-out. But it shouldn't affect EVERYBODY, just to avoid a few people with no lives from creating a nuisance.

2EHO2098d ago

This is nintendo we are talking about here becuase of their family image they feel they have to control everything... they dont know how to let go. Its sad but true.

KonsoruMasuta2098d ago

This has nothing to do with a family image.

2EHO2098d ago

I disagree in the BIG picture it is

KonsoruMasuta2098d ago

No, not even in the BIG picture.

It's most likely to stop people from spamming. It has nothing to do with being family friendly. Most site and online communities take measures to stop spamming.

2EHO2098d ago

I respect your opinion but Nintendo needs to stop hand holding their gamers. Every time there is even a possibility there might be an issue they overreact and make a crazy decision.

KonsoruMasuta2098d ago

It's not an opinion. It's to stop spamming and trolling. As I stated, most sites and online communities take steps against it, even N4G has it's own system in place (Bubbles).

marloc_x2098d ago

nice to strive for a community where my son can enjoy mii verse without someone threatening to rape his family..

randomass1712098d ago

I'm pretty sure it's more to reduce spam than anything regarding Nintendo's image. Miiverse allows a lot of different discussions, including debate. But there's also a lot of spam and trolling.

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UnceasingElias2098d ago

I don't see the problem with 3 min. I usually never reply to posts within 3 min. Only if it is my own post and you can still message your friends without without the time restriction. What is the problem? Tell me?

Snookies122098d ago

I agree. I mean, it IS an issue, but it's not a real big deal. Don't know why people would get upset over this.

UnceasingElias2098d ago

And it's no time restriction when you comment on your own post.

Flungsomepoo2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

I'm so sick of miiverse! And ports! Even burnt out on old VC games. I've spent at least $2000 on wii u, 3ds games, in the last 4 months. Nintendo best get with the times. The company's decisions, are is bad as Americas government. And I'm starting to think my decision to support them was wrong.
Oh! How I hunger for the old glory days.

caseh2098d ago

'I've spent at least $2000 on wii u, 3ds games'

You mean you've spent $1900 on 3ds games, the rest on wii u right? As to spend more than that means you've bought more than 2 games and there ain't any games.

Not hating on Nintendo, I've bought 2 games in 6 months for PS4. Next gen is currently a joke, not even a funny one.

Nerdmaster2098d ago

I have Zombi U, Rayman Legends, Sonic Lost World, Just Dance 2014, Nintendo Land, NES Remix, Game & Wario, New Super Mario Bros U, Super Mario 3D World. A little more than 2 games.

randomass1712098d ago

Ugh, this "Wii U has no games" rhetoric has to stop. There's not a ton of games but there is plenty to justify owning one IMO. Donkey Kong, Pikmin, ZombiU, Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart comes out in a month and Smash, Bayonetta and X are all due this year. Not to mention there is 300 indie titles on the way.

gpturbo812097d ago

i wouldn't doubt it. i've spent $2000+ on wii u. its not hard.

Chespin2098d ago

MiiVerse is like a dating site most of the time. Oh and people saying "Yeah if u tink my mii is hot" O..o

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