Leaked Watch_Dogs Screenshots Show Motorcycle Stunts and Poker Minigame

The embargo for a lot of new Watch_Dogs assets is dropping in less than half a hour, but pictures are already starting to leak, like the two you can see here, showing Aiden performing a stunt on a motorcycle and the poker minigame.

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DEEBO2095d ago

Man i need that poker stress level phone ASAP! One way trip to vegas please.

2095d ago
ATi_Elite2095d ago

OMG I spent about 100 hours just gambling in San Andreas, Mini Poker is a good start to me juts playing Watch Dogs all day and night long.

2095d ago
medman2094d ago

This game is going to eat alot of my free time.

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zyphee2095d ago

I didnt know there was a countryside thats pretty cool

Naga2095d ago

Well spank my ass and call me excited.

Or just call me excited. That's fine, too. No need to make this weird.

cfc782095d ago

I think this games gonna be really good roll on release day.

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