Dragon Age: Inquisition PS4 & Xbox One SKUs: We've pushed them as far as we can

BioWare talks about the differences between current and past-generation versions of Dragon Age: Inquisition as well as if they can do anything else with the game on PS4 and Xbox One.

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ovnipc3088d ago

Good. Im happy at 1080p 30fps on both xbox one and ps4. But most important a game well polished and free of bugs.

Bigpappy3088d ago

Looks like a very good looking game that also seems to have the deepest RPG gameplay in any Dragon Age to date.

I am looking forward to playing this and I don't want to read about it's story or see any gameplay footage. I am all in.

Prime1573088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Read. The. Article.

It had nothing to do with x1 vs ps4, and everything to do with "gen 3 vs gen 4" (Or gen 7 vs gen 8 to me - 360 vs x1 and ps3 vs ps4).

The title was misleading, and you were baited.

Heisenburger3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Though truly, he never explicitly stated anything that implied that he didn't read the article.

Now *you* may very well be correct in your assumptions. However, perhaps one could assume that you are trolling for people that don't abide by your specific internet rules.

^^I'm not implying that this is how I feel, I just hope that this may perhaps give you pause in the future.

Mr Pumblechook3088d ago

Article doesn't mention anything about PS4 and Xbone resolution. Title is misleading. It is about last gen versions offering the same experience as next gen version.

stragomccloud3088d ago

Free of bugs? This is a Bioware game; not a Nintendo game. Bioware and Bethesda games are notoriously buggy. But, they do so much with their games that we just don't care so much.

Utalkin2me3088d ago

I swore i would never buy another Bethesda game after how bad the launch of skyrim was on the PS3. I will do without and i won't bat a eye.

AngelicIceDiamond3088d ago

"Inquisition PS4 & Xbox One SKUs: We've pushed them as far as we can."


They have last gen holding back the next gen. Silly statements like these aren't right.

Ok fine they've done what they can as far cross gen development goes and making the next gen versions look as great as possible despite last gen tech and coding.

They've reached those limits but not limits of whats possible only on next gen, not even close.

AndrewLB3088d ago

If that were the case, then why does the PC look so much better than "next-Gen" consoles? The only thing holding the PS4 back is the PS4. Higher resolution textures, shadow maps, and lighting already exist in the PC version, so it is a false argument to claim PS4 is being held back by anything since it would take little to no effort to use the PC textures/etc in the PS4 version if the PS4 could handle them.

The fact is, it can't.

ps360s3088d ago

Free of bugs is a never (no games are)

but polished yes please, can't wait for this game

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WeAreLegion3088d ago

Can't wait for Dragon Age 4, when they "push them further than should be possible".

NarooN3088d ago

Lol yeah, talk about buzzwords. So many devs say this same thing every gen.

"Oh we've totally taxed [insert system here] to the fullest possible extent. There's not much more we can do."

*next game getting ready to come out*

"We're doing things we've never done before, only possible with optimization and the power of [insert system here.]"

AndrewLB3088d ago

I'm surprised the game looks as good as it does considering these consoles have only 1.84tflops and 1.25tflops of graphics processing power respectively. The problem is that all the optimization in the world wont change those numbers.
If these consoles were some radical new architecture, I would totally agree that there is plenty more untapped potential, but both of these consoles are running hardware that is almost identical to what's found in a PC... and developers have been programming for x86 for decades now. It may take a little time for developers to find each console's "sweet spot", but anyone who is expecting to see increases in graphics quality like we saw through the 6-8 years during the last generation of hardware is just not being reasonable.

All the optimizing in the world wont get past the fact that neither of these consoles will EVER have the ability to process graphics at the level of games like Metro: Last Light on PC. It's just not possible without Sony and M$ updating hardware part-way through this generation and releasing perhaps a Playstation 4.5 with a higher end GPU, where games would come with two graphics settings like we see on PC games. One setting for PS4 and one for PS4.5.

Illusive_Man3088d ago

Imagine that, XB1 is getting more 1080p games. Not to say it doesn't take some work, but it looks like it is getting easier.

lets_go_gunners3088d ago

Release the system requirements already. I can't wait to destroy this game on highest settings.

stragomccloud3088d ago

Seriously! I can't wait to give my new card a challenge!

FRAKISTAN3088d ago

"We've pushed them as far as we can" said no dev ever,

does this also mean for the next the 10 years the games that will come for the PS4 will not see an improvement over these graphics because apparently "We've pushed them as far as we can"

WitWolfy3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

These guys are so full of it, why not just say.. We've pushed our engine as far as what we could this early into the NEXT gen console life cycle?

That would make A LOT MORE SENSE!!!

Spikes14713088d ago

Yes Mr. Developer. Tell us more

elhebbo163088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

What they are saying is that they are trying to squeeze every little juice out of the system as much as possible while still in the constricts of the consoles limits. that's not that hard to comprehend, every developer aims to do this.

RegorL3088d ago

"We've pushed them as far as WE can [before release]"

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