Project CARS - New "The Ultimate Driver Journey" Trailer

When it comes to next-gen visuals, world class physics, racing authenticity, career freedom, and variety of content, Project CARS remains the most anticipated and premier choice for race fans.

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Desmios2095d ago ShowReplies(3)
2cents2095d ago

WOW!!!... Just WOW!!!

2095d ago
mcstorm2095d ago

I agree this looks amazing still want to see what it looks like on the xbox one and WiiU before I pre order my copy but looks amazing.

Tsar4ever012091d ago

Yeah, Same sentiments hear too.

But don't fall for the belief that you'll be seeing the same quality visuals when you pop the disc in your console a play on on your whatever sized HDTV, this footage, in fact all these videos they are showing the world are off the PC BUILD, not ANY off the consoles.

Rickgrimes952095d ago

Damn I've never been a big fan of racing games but this is graphically pretty impressive wonder how it will stack up against driveclub

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2095d ago

It's an interesting comparison.

On a technical level clearly it's project cars. But driveclubs "movie realism" direction makes it's overall vibe more attractive. The car models are about the same. Lighting is about the same. Driveclub has better vistas, but no whether effects to compare to Project Cars. Sound I would give to Project Cars as well.

Lior2095d ago

Driveclub is a joke compared to this

2094d ago
cfc782095d ago

All looks great and nice to see the nurburgring looking so good missed that track with forza5 my wallet is open just waiting on a release date now.

Tatsuya 2095d ago

This and Driveclub will make my PS4 very very happy :)

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The story is too old to be commented.