Watch_Dogs Costumes - Aiden Pierce


Here are some wallpapers featuring Aiden Pierce of Watch_Dogs.

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2cents2097d ago

These better be available to everyone ON DISC!!!

Not one outfit per stupid retailer via preorder download code. Meaning you would have to buy the game from multiple retailers seven times to have all outfits.

I'm sick of this stupid format.

They are all very samey but still cool. I like the tommy gun gangster outfit with the fedora.

Ninjatogo2097d ago

I think they've already announced the White Hat Hacker (2nd picture) costume is PlayStation exclusive. Not sure about the others.

2097d ago
Ittoryu2097d ago

they aren't at launch they are pre-order bonuses for different retailers sorry dude.

2cents2097d ago

Why oh why do they do this?

I'm pretty sure that any gamer would agree that if a developer has made some content for a game that the gamer would want it all.

This is really annoying, what makes Ubisoft think that a gamer would not want all the outfits? If the business model does not benefit the gamer it should not be incorporated, this model does not benefit anyone of us.

Ahh well... rant over.

frostypants2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

My biggest issue: why do so many of them have him wearing a dorky baseball hat and trench coat? The dude looks like a tool. Wouldn't someone like this NOT want to wear an outfit that screamed "look at me, I'm a computer nerd who got lost on the way to the Occupy protest"? He'd want to blend in, no?

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OWWO2097d ago

dat tommy gun outfit. awesome!!!

WeAreLegion2097d ago

You've earned 50 uPlay points. Just 100 more and you can unlock Aiden's other shoe!

frostypants2097d ago

Tench coat and baseball hat...trench coat and baseball hat...trench coat and fedora...trench coat and baseball hat...

starchild2096d ago

Yeah, so what? That's his look. Just like Delsin Rowe wears a beanie and skinny pants. I don't get why people like you and Foxtrot are so filled with hate. A huge percentage of your comments are negative. Do you even like gaming?

-Foxtrot2097d ago

Someone who is trying to blend in wouldn't where a bright white outfit.

-Foxtrot2097d ago

My mistake....I've just got up.....hungover :D

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