Call of Duty Player Tricks Others Into Virtually Killing Themselves

One of the best ways to play Call of Duty, or really most first-person shooters, is to ditch the guns and the traditional deathmatch and whatever modes. If you've never played it, knife-only matches can be a lot of fun. They can also be the perfect set up for some hilarious trickery.

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daggertoes833081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

"I'm gonna fn rape you" over and and over is all I heard. No wonder why I don't play cod.If that's a legit match that's a pretty funny way to get someone to kill themselves. I don't play cod so I don't know, but maybe these are fake and he just got his friends to jump off to make a video?

Ittoryu3081d ago

yep nothing but children and teens.

NarooN3081d ago

And grown manchildren.

LackTrue4K3081d ago

this is what COD players do for fun?!?!/

T23081d ago

You see that 360? Wasn't even close... Why I dumped cod it's literally made for this clown show. Try and noscope someone with a real smg and find out how lame cod is

lnfiniteLoop3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

there are so many people that just want to wreck online games for others (but this video is not the worst version of game wrcking I've seen)… couple of weeks ago caught player running hacks and couple of days ago another lot boosting… its about time these so called players where banned outright from playing online with their consoles...

other things really crap players do in Hardcore TDM is destroy team equipment and team kill… (makes you wonder why they bother to play Hardcore their so crap)

Ripsta7th3080d ago

What? I can't even kill a single a person because of ricochet (however you spell it) so I always end up dying. Have tried it before

Funantic13081d ago

I play COD all the time and I rarely ever have problems like that. Of course when you play anything online with people somebody is gonna be an a**hole occasionally. But it's no worse than people leaving comments up here.

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