Dragon Age Inquisition's Digital Deluxe edition detailed, Hard to ignore

Just like every other classy AAA game, there is a special version of BioWare’s upcoming action RPG, called Dragon Age Inquisition Digital Deluxe Edition.

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Ashunderfire862097d ago

I rather just find all these items in the game instead, so no thanks.

Aleithian2097d ago

A few fancy items won't make me preorder another DA. After the disaster that was 2, I'll wait for 3 to drop significantly in price.

antikbaka2097d ago

pixels are easy to igore... and i prefer to start playing without any equipment that wasn't obtained through a tough fight or stealing, it would feel like cheating

pandehz2097d ago

The 2 mounts and the sets really make me want to pre-order

TitanUp2097d ago

i would also rather find the items.

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