2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil - PS3 Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

I enjoy a lot of different sports titles. Probably the two types of sports most deeply engrained in my video game psyche are basketball and football. I have logged more hours than I would ever want to count on titles like Madden, NBA 2K, Tecmo Bowl and NBA Live. Other types of sports make their way into my living room now and then. I pick up a golf, baseball or hockey game every few years. One series that was completely new to me until recently was the FIFA soccer franchise.

I had a chance to play FIFA 14 on the PlayStation 4 shortly after the console released, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a steep learning curve, but the tutorials did a good job helping to get my feet wet without overwhelming me. It also did a good job of getting me excited about the series in general, which is why I have to say I was anticipating 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil quite a lot.

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