Media Create hardware sales (4/14 - 4/20)

Media Create published the latest Japanese hardware sales from Japan.

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Kribwalker2263d ago

Definitely was expecting a big Ps4 boost with ff xIv out. Big jrpg coming out, only 1000 more consoles sold, doesn't seem like much

AsimLeonheart2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

It is just an online MMORPG, not a proper offline JRPG AND it requires a subscription. A years worth of subscription is equal to two or three full priced PS4 titles. As a result, a lot of people are reluctant to buy it. I know I am for one. There is a proverb in my country which says that,

"Buying an elephant is not as difficult as feeding it."

The same goes for FF14 because of its subscription based mode of payment. Thus, there is no impact on sales of PS4. The software charts will reveal how FF14 itself performed in the market.

Edit: The software charts are here and FF14 sold only 31,000. No wonder it did not move PS4 consoles.

2263d ago
DanielGearSolid2263d ago

Well its an MMO

It's been out on pc and Ps3 for awhile

And it has a subscription fee

No way you can honestly tell me you expected that game to boost the ps4 by much

Reeze2263d ago

3DS reclaims the top spot, but the Vita isn't far behind! Japan does love its handhelds!

AsimLeonheart2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

What are you talking about? The Vita is on the top followed by the PS4. The 3DS is on the 3rd spot. Take a closer look on the chart.

Edit: Oh I see you are combining the sales of both models.

Concertoine2263d ago

3ds+3dsXL: 19,943
Vita+Vita TV: 19,038

I dont think combining all models is unfair personally. People count ps3 slim and super slim sales as just "ps3" sales back when both were on shelves at once, and that goes for every remodel of a console ever. Its not like if the XL didnt exist people wouldnt just buy the original 3ds.

bicfitness2263d ago

If you add Vita TV to Vita, just like people add 3DSXL and normal together, I think it actually lost.

Concertoine2263d ago

if you add them both 3ds is ahead by a couple hundred.

No_Limit2263d ago

If you add lifetime total...everyone in Japan has like 2 of them already so a lower sale at this point in its life is expected.

Reeze2263d ago

Why so many disagrees?...

3DS+LL is only slightly above Vita+Vita TV. Just a few hundred units' difference. They're both great systems, and that's why they're the top spots in the chart.

No reason to disagree...

MightyNoX2263d ago

Doth my eyes deceive me or is Vita in the #1 spot??

jackanderson19852263d ago

yeah they split out the two 3DS models for some reason

patrik232263d ago

at least vita sells good in japan

darren_poolies2263d ago

People said the same thing about the Vita in Japan if I recall correctly.

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