Capcom Germany teasing something, Resident Evil 7?

The official Twitter profile of Capcom Germany tweeted a picture and asked us to stay tuned. The image has two words: RESIDENT EVIL

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cfc782098d ago

Im very tuned in and waiting.

Mikefizzled2098d ago

Update on story: #ResidentEvil 2 und Resident Evil 3 sind ab sofort im #PSN Store erhältlich!!!
Or to English speaking folk. Resident Evil 2 + 3 now available on PSN store.

WitWolfy2098d ago

Has been available to us EU subscribers for at least 3 years now...

Summons752098d ago

Interesting. Maybe one final hurrah for the story line before a much needed reboot? As long as they drop the coop crap I'll listen and give it a chance.

Pinkdolphinyfg2098d ago

If Capcom can put out crap like re 6 and still sell over 5 million copies then i see no reason why they can't appease the fans and go back to survival horror, it's still going to sell millions.

Matt6662098d ago

when you say survival horror, the only survival horror RE's are 1-CVx anything after that became an action game, so I will only get RE7 if it a good survival horror like the original ones are.

PaleMoonDeath2098d ago

That's.. the original Resident Evil font..

Resident Evil reboot? Resident Evil 7 with classic style gameplay? another REmake of sorts?

Who knows, either of the three above would demand a blessing.

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The story is too old to be commented.