Coming to PS Plus in May: Puppeteer, Payday 2, Muramasa, more

Chris Howe: "Hi everyone! It’s time to unveil all the goodies coming to PlayStation Plus members this May. I hope you’ll agree that we have a great line up that should keep you glued to your consoles."

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Sharius2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )!!!

that F*ing overkill

i expect something similar from you NA

dodgemoose2270d ago

Wouldn't call it overkill, but it's not bad.

randomass1712270d ago

Not bad? You ever play Muramasa? That game is amazing. You're in for a real treat if you're able to take advantage of this...

Patrick_pk442270d ago

Not overkill, but more like decent. 100% sure everyone will be receiving the same PS4 game. I hope NA receives Mumurasa.

Salooh2270d ago

I'm with adam. It's not huge but a little good .

Ps4 , small game but looks a little good , i have to try it first to judge it.
Vita , was interested in the game , looking forward to try it.
Ps3 , who cares lol XD

guitarded772270d ago

The Puppeteer is SOFA KING good. I already have it, but I'm in the US, so I'll wait and see what we get. Will probably get the same PS4 game. I think the PS4 games have been the same for both regions so far.

miyamoto2270d ago

PS+ and the PS Vita are surely a match made in heaven.

They are surely very very compatible.

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TheUberAsian2270d ago

Isn't it gonna be the same thing for both NA and EU?

snarls2002270d ago

na already got pupeteer and payday2

vickers5002270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

We got payday 2 but we didn't get puppeteer.

Salooh2270d ago

I bet that the ps4 game will be the same , the rest have a high chance to be different.

turgore2270d ago

We already for payday 2

grailly2270d ago

It's perfect for me, these are all games I wanted to buy but never got to it. I prefer this than AAA games because chances are I already own those.

darx2269d ago

For you maybe, I will not be wasting any hard drive space for those games.

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Goro2270d ago ShowReplies(9)
WeAreLegion2270d ago

I buy way too much crap new. I'm glad this isn't the US PS Plus. I already have these. I highly recommend every single one of them though.

Jaqen_Hghar2270d ago

A man has puppeteer but is glad he supported the devs (they needed it unfortunately even though that game deserves millions of sales). A man hasn't gotten payday 2 is it better than the first?

WeAreLegion2270d ago

It is much better than the first on PS3. I've played both games on PS3 and PC. The first game on PS3 had aiming issues and lots of bugs. PayDay 2 is much cleaner. A man would do well to download it and its DLC.

randomass1712270d ago

Payday 2 improves upon the first one in a lot of ways. They add a lot more unlockable content and many more masks and heists. If you enjoyed Payday, you'll love Payday 2, especially if you have a few friends to play with.

Dark_Overlord2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Personally, I preferred Payday The Heist, the 2nd does make some improvements, although it dumbs a hell of a lot of things down, and the difficulty is a joke compared to the first (1st being far more of a challenge).

ipach2270d ago

i'm sure the devs/Sony would give you a big thank you high five if they could. thanks for the first hand recommendation at least. at least society can benefit from your enthusiasm!

Clover9042270d ago

Pfff! I bought Puppeteer brand new day one digitally from SEN... How did Sony repay me? By not including me in the PlayStation Now beta! Luckily a friend who no longer owns a ps3 gave me his beta code, lol.

Everyone be sure to pick up Puppeteer. It's a criminally under appreciated game that deserves all the support it gets.

Snookies122270d ago

I really hope Muramasa comes to the US PS+ though... Really wanted to play that game.

lelo2270d ago

Good games for the PS3, but since I only have a PS4, PSN+ offerings have been quite underwhelming.

Why the hell did I renew my PSN+ account two months back? Don't play console multiplayer and PS4 games offered are crap.

TitanUp2270d ago

did you expect new aaa titles to be ps plus games?

Goro2270d ago

No, i think he just expected games that don't suck to be PS Plus games.

randomass1712270d ago

To be fair, they offer much better stuff on PS3 and PSV and that's mostly because both of those platforms have access to more games than PS4 right now.

Utalkin2me2270d ago


You do realize the Ps4 doesn't have a huge library of games to be throwing around for plus, right?

Goro2270d ago


I'm not expecting expensive AAA games for PS4, i'm just hoping for smaller games that aren't terrible, like Strider, SteamWorld Dig or even Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry Standalone.

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Nekroo912270d ago

do you know how to count?! 5 months since the launchment of the ps4 , all games cost 60 bucks and youre expecting sony to give them tfor free?!

you will get AAA titles in September, October etc

Neonridr2269d ago

So why not give us a new indie game instead of another game that is just a port from the PS3 (like Dead Nation).

Why not give us Octodad or Daylight?


Liar liar then u should buy a xbone and if u want single player game buy a wiiu

Ace Killa 082270d ago

I'm in the same baot a lelo, however I rather buy a PS3 to have the game in collection. I can go back and download previous PS+ games or just this months games?

Thehyph2270d ago

Just current games or ones you've downloaded in the past.

Games that you didn't add to your download list when they were available are not available anymore.

TFJWM2270d ago

You can go to the PSN store website and "buy" the PS+ games. Then when you have a PS3 you'll be able to download all of those same with the Vita games

liquidhalos2270d ago

I recently got my hands on an absolute bargain second hand PS3 from a facebook sale. I totally recommend getting a ps3, Ive only had it a couple of weeks and ive already got a heap of backlog to play through (thanks to the ability to add games to the download list which i started doing back in december with the PS4)

joab7772270d ago

Just hold on man. You bought a PS4 right now. For the time, its quite amazing actually. Dont know what games u like but try Warframe, DCUO, or FF14.

HugoDrax2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

"but since I only have a PS4"

Well same here, I no longer have my PS3. Still I purchased a VITA, to go along with my PS4. I downloaded Street Fighter x Tekken for my VITA two days ago because it was free with PS+. It's still a great service, you just have to find time to play the plethora of games offered.

PS: Never heard of Muramasa, but after watching that trailer it looks like I'll have some fun slashing away at enemies.

Salooh2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Resogun , dead nation , outlast , don't starve are all awesome games. Who knows , this may turn the same. Just try it before judging it.

If you want big games buy ps3 because it have a large library , that's why it get AAA games. Wait for at least a year then expect that.

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