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Palmer Sturman: Smite is a free to play downloadable third-person action MOBA from producer Hi-Rez studios. It’s a different and relatively refreshing take on the tried and true MOBA formula that DoTA started years ago. Instead of heroes or champions Smite uses gods. The gods are taken from a variety of religions and for the most part are handled respectfully. The variety of gods may span across the board, but a good portion of them are taken from Roman, Greek, and Norse mythology. Smite also places a heavy emphasis on skill shots, which are abilities that do not hone in on a target automatically. Instead they are shot in a line, cone shape, or area around your god. This is a cool idea in theory, but in practice it can make for some pretty clunky gameplay, especially when coupled with the game’s over-the-shoulder third-person camera. Smite offers up a variety of modes that can be a refreshing take on how the game is played. This helps to split up the monotony of constantly playing one map at any given time, allowing the game to remain fresh even after I was bored of the normal three lane push maps that all MOBA’s implement. Smite is a good game with lots of potential, but it’s still pretty rough around the edges. Problems with the menu layout, graphics, item tiers and camera angles bring down the overall experience. But, at its heart it’s still a fun way to pass the time, due to its high replay value, and, with some future tweaks it could sport formidable competitive scene.

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