Games expected to appear at E3 2014, Stakes are high

It's not just a battle of exclusives since we cannot afford to leave PC enthusiasts behind. Know about games that may or may not make an appearance at E3 2014.

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cfc783088d ago

I like my stakes well done i hope ms/sony remember that at E3.

PSNintyGamer3088d ago

"Games are expected to appear at E3" In other news the sky is blue

danny8183088d ago

games are expected to apper at e3?!?!?!
is this guy serious?
so did not click on this retarded article and its title

SpideySpeakz3088d ago

You should read the article before making a comment.

WiredX3088d ago

First, read the article then speak about it.

Relientk773088d ago

Can't wait to see Dishonored 2 and Uncharted 4

Rimeskeem3088d ago

This E3 will be one to remember

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