Watch the NexGen console war...

NexGen Wars is a tracking site that monitors the sales of all 3 next generation consoles.

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TheMART4453d ago

Real time sales counting is impossible.
They just took the average selling for the 360 based on sales from the past months.

Nothing like the future. Gears of War is out/will come out, Christmas is coming. Many people shopping for presents and the PS3 won't be on the selves. Now that is a problem.

That 10 million mark will be reached with easy. Millions of cumstomers that shop for a next gen console and PS3 has only 400.000 to sell, only in USA. The rest of the world can grab a 360 instantly

kmis874453d ago

"Reached with easy." What language do you speak?

power of Green 4452d ago

He's fron Europe Fool!, what kind of person goes around teaching people English on the Web. You should be asking yourself why do I insult people time and time again. SAD! lol

kewlkat0074452d ago

We all know he meant "reached with ease" jeeez... and you didn''t even comment on the article. Are you like the grammar king on here or something?

Thsi site has been up since last year and I know it can't be 100% accurate but the numbers are not bad. Still gives you an Idea.

drewdrakes4453d ago

Its javascript, if anyone else wants a counter ill make it while drunk.

PS360PCROCKS4452d ago

well if the 360 is at almost 7 million at mid November, 3 million more espescially during christmas season might almost be achievable

MicroGamer4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

This will be Microsoft's generation to wear the crown. Nintendo is coming to the party technically outgunned just like they did with Gamecube and they have a freaky new controller to boot. PS3 packs in too much junk that most people will never have a use for and a pricetag that is way too high and have also moved towards a wacky controller like Nintendo, but at least theirs looks and feels familiar. MS also has the advantage of having been on the market for a year which gives them a chance to work out bugs and to lower their production costs, so they can make a price cut before either Nintendo or Sony can. Game developers have also had a year to learn how to squeeze more performance or better looking graphics out of the 360, while they are still at the beginning of the learning curve for the other two.