X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Inspired Spindrift Hits Oculus Rift

VRFocus - Indie developer Frostfire Games has released an early version of its virtual reality (VR) space combat title Spindrift onto the official Oculus VR Share Beta. The title can be downloaded for free over on the portal, which hosts a range of VR experiences for users to try out with the Oculus Rift VR headset. The experience was original developed for the 2013 Oculus VR Jam, which is the version on display here.

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MysticStrummer2103d ago

That's cool and all, but I want an updated X-Wing vs TIE Fighter on PSN, VR or not.

Saryk2103d ago

If anyone would make a mod or a new Xwing vs Tie fighter game. It would make serious greenbacks!