Mick Foley Further Explains Possible Absence From WWE 2K15

Mick Foley has further explained reasons why he won’t sign a new WWE contract that will keep him off of WWE 2K15.

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Deadpool1012101d ago

I can understand where he is coming from but some money is better than no money. Lets face it, if he doesnt sign they'll just add his moves, clothes & features to "Creat a Wrestler" and people who want him will just create him anyway.

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WishMeWell2592100d ago

They cant do that. Thats the whole likeness thing. Its illegal.

I understand where hes coming from but idk How much money do expect to get from videogame sales. I cant see it be that much.
NHL Players dont get anything from videogames. When entering into the cycle you get two contracts. One for playing and another for NHL, CHL, DEL, etc. Has permission to use your likeness, moves, play style for life. They can do anything they want. So only EA and the leagues make money off games not the players. And entering whos going to say no to that when your getting paid to play. Football is the same thing, but players have sued and lost everytime.

Yodagamer2100d ago

They've been doing it for years. they still have plenty of former wrestlers move sets and similar attire options

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STK0262100d ago

Well, as he said, THQ did go bankrupt, so that probably did not help at all. As for future games, the next-gen transition comes with higher development costs, at least for the first next-gen game, as well as lower sales, at least on the new systems. Hopefully they work something out.

NYC_Gamer2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

I 100% understand that entertainers don't want to sign themselves away for cheap...

fanta_claus2100d ago

Maybe he's just been disappointed by the games not improving a whole lot and this might be his way of protesting the game or marketing, or even WWE themselves. Obviously money isn't an issue if he's willing to opt out of the contract, since it's basically free money.

DaleCooper2100d ago

I really wish they'd give him the money he's asking for. He doesn't seem like the greedy type from anything I've seen or read about him, so they really must have paid poorly for the work he did in the other games. Mankind was one of my favorite wrestlers back in the day and I would love to see him in a next-gen wrestling game.