Bungie's Destiny Gets New Stunning Screenshots Aplenty, Three New Trailers and Information

Bungie just released a new batch of beautiful screenshots of its upcoming shooter Destiny, and three new trailers featuring the classes available in the game, on top of new information

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waltyftm2099d ago

This game is looking really good, and those weapons are sweeeet.

Magicite2099d ago

only thing that keeps me from being hyped, is first-person view only, or am I wrong?

mikeslemonade2099d ago

Graphically it looks bad just like how Halo 3 was one of the worst looking but highly rated games of the last gen.

This game is pretty much gonna be critically viewed on the gameplay and online component. It's not gonna impress visually.

pedrof932099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )


It's just like any Halo game, the shooting will be obviously in first-person, but throughout the game will be constantly play on third-person perspectives. Like: When driving a vehicle, a ship,etc.

What I'm trying to say is, there's a full rendered character behind the gun your holding. So you aren't simply a floating camera.


What ?

Ittoryu2099d ago

Your wrong the release one they did was third person.

Sevir2099d ago

What? Graphically bad? Its among one of the best looking FPSs releasing this year.
But judging it from a compressed YouTube video will taint the visuals of most games. Good thing PS4 plays get in on the beta in a few months!

GameSpawn2099d ago

It's like Halo and Warframe had a baby?! /s

Seriously speaking though...Bungie's art style hasn't changed much from Halo. Not that that's a bad thing. Personally I didn't mind Halo's art style - short of the overuse of "bloom" lighting.

I am still mixed on Destiny. I'm sort of excited, but also a little apprehensive. I guess I just don't want to get my hopes up and expect too much from the game and end up disappointed once it comes out. Thus far the game looks pretty impressive and stands to be a fun FPS, but there could be some load balancing issues with the weapons that may need ironing out once the game releases. Halo had its share of overpowered (Halo's "Sniper" pistol anybody?) and nerf'ed weapons, Destiny will mostly be prone to the same problems.

---stone---2099d ago

I believe it started out as a third person shooter then went to fps.

Which pisses me off because I really was hoping this would be third person view, or at least have a toggle option preference of switching and playing in first or third person view. (I really hope for the toggle option)

I dont care if its third person driving vehicles, or anything non-combat. I cannot stand and just flat out hate the fps view now in these action type games and/or mmos. there are just too damn many games with this view. They dont hold my interest for very long and become real boring, real fast.

I want to see my character in third person view...combat, see the detail, animations, when duck, dodge, roll, strafe, jump, stand and piss, teabag, whatever in addition to driving to driving vehicles, fiddling with objectives etc. Not just look at my character during cut scenes and looking at a weapon bobbing side to side playing the game.

spicelicka2099d ago

I think all you people asking for third person view don't understand just how much difference FPS vs TPS makes in the gameplay style. It would be radically different, and mostly from subtle changes.

Simple things like jumping, or platforming, or even aiming would be affected by third person animations. If you're a halo player you would know how much those things matter. It's hard for me to explain, i guess you'd just have to play to understand.

Just compare popular TPS with FPS games. Good comparison would be Mass affect, which is worlds apart from Destiny in terms of gameplay. Firstly most TPS games use cover systems and muchh slower gameplay, ones without cover are not nearly as accurate.

Secondly, multilayer rarely works right with third person, ones that do work like gears of war or uncharted are slow paced and the gameplay is wayy different than FPS games. You honestly think those game could work the same simply by changing camera view? NO chance.

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GameDev12099d ago


Halo 3 graphics wasn't bad at all and Destiny obviously takes after the artwork and graphics of Halo games as it is the same company who made them

Its no Crytek or Quantic Dream graphics but Destiny looks pretty good

randomass1712099d ago

Don't forget just how much open world you can explore in this game. For a big open world title, this game is going to have some pretty stellar graphics.

3-4-52099d ago

This game looks amazing to me. The gameplay, the look, the setting and story, visuals, art style, environment,locations, lore, everything about this feels like they "did it right".

Can't wait to learn more info at E3.

This is the game I'll eventually be buying a PS4 for. ( other games as well)

TAURUS-5552099d ago

theres no doubt that the PS4 version is gonna be the best one

Justjoined1232098d ago

Just wow... cant believe some people.

RedSoakedSponge2099d ago

yeah it look incredible. i just worry that there wont be enough visually different weapons. just stat differences. thats kinda my fears im most of these style of games tbh lol. i love finding something that looks visually unique :)

showtimefolks2099d ago

can't wait to play this on ps4, hopefully the loot system will be well balanced and rewarding

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DLConspiracy2099d ago

Yes please! Looking forward to it. Does anyone notice that Bungie has a bit of shape fetish? (check the pic)

Conzul2099d ago

Kinda like how Nate Fox has a tower fetish.

randomass1712099d ago

Mass Effect eventually developed a lens flare fetish. :P Bungie can make whatever shapes they like. Destiny is going to have an incredible style, methinks.

Give_me_head_strong2099d ago

I'm pretty sure most planets are round. Does this mean God (if one believes in such a thing) has a "shape fetish"? And I've never seen an actual ring planet, but Saturn among other planets have rings around them. Most celestial bodies are round, so I'm not sure what you mean by "Bungie has a shape fetish".

DLConspiracy2095d ago

The picture should be pretty obvious. Ring circle sphere. Never said it was a bad thing.

wls10122099d ago

wow that looks amazing,the 4th video was kinda blockey.the fist 3 were awesome.

DoesUs2099d ago

Will be fabulous when it lands, one of the years best.

STICKzophrenic2099d ago

I always think of Mass Effect (Biotic powers) when I see Destiny in action.

Ripsta7th2099d ago

There's an armor that looks a lot like a Quarian

randomass1712099d ago

There does seem to be some similarities there. The biotic powers and the abilities in Destiny do seem very similar. Perhaps both teams looked toward the same source of sci-fi material for inspiration.

liquidhalos2099d ago

I totally agree with you, If you had to speculate a source what would you say?

TheSsus2099d ago

@liquidhalos The Bible?

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