PS4 1.7's SHAREFactory Dev "Shares" Sample Video; Confirms Original Music (MP3?) Upload and More

If you want to get a taste of the upcopming SHAREFactory app that will be introduced in the 1.7 update of the PS4, you’re in luck, as Senior Producer Stuart Platt uploaded a little video showing what can be done with the program and responded to a few questions.


Updated with the confirmation that video output will be 720p.

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Yes. You can use the headset included with the PlayStation 4 system or use any compatible headset with microphone.
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majiebeast2100d ago

So is it true that the Sony Vegas team helped to create share factory? Cause that would be pretty huge, i love using Vegas on pc.

Abriael2100d ago

They never confirmed it, but looking at the interface I can see similarities.

GarrusVakarian2100d ago

Sharefactory looks awesome, but damn that girl is annoying.

"This is so much fuuuun!". Lmao.

Septic2099d ago

They need to show a proper tutorial of the feature. If its based on Sony Vegas then we are in for a treat. Imagine a proper editing suite like that on our PlayStations. Would be epic. And 720p capture is decent.

NewMonday2099d ago

the PS4 has PC architecture so Sony should put the premium VegasPro and ACID Pro on the PS4, and maybe other video/audio editing software they own..


people love to express themselves by playing around with editing video/audio or producing home movies, this would open the market to people who can't afford $1000 laptops.

GutZ312100d ago

She is very annoying. I wish it was just a walkthru.

Jeff2572100d ago

I was hoping for a walkthrough as well. But I expect we will see worse videos than that in the future. I hope I can put together some decent videos with it. I certainly cannot wait to use it for MLB 14 The Show and put together some highlight reels.

90Supra2099d ago

I'm sure that will come once the update's released...

If not, it'll only be a matter of time before someone makes their own and uploads it to youtube...

serratos272099d ago

She scared me when she popped out and said "Resogun".

Skate-AK2100d ago

Know a lot of people want MP3 support so that would be cool.

oODEADPOOLOo2100d ago

Some details confirmed by the uploader from the comment section on YT for that video:

1)Videos shared from PlayStation 4 are rendered out at 720p.

2)can export to USB

johny52100d ago

I want to have my own music playlist for games like MLB: The Show "especially walk ups" and UFC/Fight Night

I also want support for lossless formats or at least uncompressed music because the PS3 didn't support ingame audio in any other format but MP3.

TitanUp2100d ago

i would also like to have it for racing games and ff14.
know racing games have their own soundtrack i would rather have the music i want to listen to.

kingPoS2099d ago

Tekken Tunes supports more than just MP3's. I've got a few ACC tracks in mine.

Gateway MT6706 2008

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The story is too old to be commented.