Arc System Works' Bloodrayne is Betrayal

Arc System Works put up a teaser site hinting at a Bloodrayne property last week. It was revealed today to have been a retread of old ground with a very stylish teaser.

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nope1111665d ago

I was hoping for a Hard Corps esque BloodRayne game from Arc System Works.
I'm sad now.

Inception1664d ago

Lol me too. My hope just died like a fly being squashed by a human T_T

Godmars2901664d ago


Once again, you have failed me gaming. You have failed me...


thejigisup1664d ago
I wanted that not this.
Why can't we just get a more br in unreal 4 on next gen with solid controls and a storyline that makes sense and longer than 2 hours and a endless wave mode with tons of upgrades for weapons, costumes, maybe a lair of some sort of even pay for dlc with other vampyr hunters... blade, Abraham Lincoln, Buffy lol but really not joking there what a disappointment

johny51664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

They need to bring this along with Blood Rain [email protected] in a HD collection for PS3/PS4 and get started on a sequel! ASAP!

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