Bungie Redesigns Destiny Website - New Details Emerge

GoodGameBro writes, "Bungie tweeted out a link tonight to their redesigned website for Destiny on The new website design shows off the guardians, destinations and enemies in more detail."

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KingKelloggTheWH2098d ago

Man, I wish they would just give a date for the Beta, I can't wait.

SITH2098d ago

Any day on, or after June 21st when summer begins.

thejigisup2098d ago

I have soo manygames to play beforethebeta. Time is gonna fly. Veryexcitedforthebeta.

Kevin263852098d ago

Agreed. Knowing Bungie, this should be the biggest beta ever released on consoles. I can't wait to see how many destinations we can explore.

DeadlyFire2098d ago

Game is releasing in September? Well mid August is the most likely date on seeing the beta release.

Kevin263852098d ago

You don't think they would want it in early summer to adjust the game based on feedback?

DeadlyFire2097d ago

Well betas usually drop about 2 weeks to a month before the games get released and a day one patch is formed. Then later fixes come about afterwards usually. Well that is the typical plan.

Its not impossible for it to come about earlier though. So ya never know. Once the game goes gold either way the patches won't land until launch day. Anything earlier than July/August is not likely to happen with a beta build. As that is pretty much the final build.

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HugoDrax2098d ago

This game will be amazing!

TitanUp2098d ago

any details on the ce or le editions of the game? cant remember to many games that actually use venus as a location.

ScamperCamper2097d ago

Agreed, this game will smash Halo. Did anyone say that? Whelp, I just did. Bungie was Halo and Destiny will prove this fact of life. Can't wait!!