Does BioWare Need To Reclaim Lost Fans With Inquisition?

Everyone is all excited for the new Dragon Age, but is it fair to say BioWare needs this game to reclaim fans that disappeared after the Mass Effect 3 ordeal?

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KingKelloggTheWH2101d ago

The fans they lost will be hard to get back, they wanted the old choice system back with the good writing and good design, this game doesn't seem to be going for the old fans.

-Foxtrot2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

You can tell by the latest trailer that EA's influence has rubbed off on this. I wanted to see it go back to what Origins was like but its clear, like Mass Effect they are going after the action oriented crowd. I mean Mass Effect went from a fantastic, unique, sci fi RPG with third person shooter elements to an over the top, third person shooter action game with thermal clips and lots of guns

SolidGear32101d ago

Origins gameplay was horrible but the story was a little better than 2. If they could find some medium it would be great.

TheRealTedCruz2101d ago

I wouldn't say it was horrible by any means. It was a nod to 90's CRPGs. It was exactly was it was supposed to be and the majority of the fans of Dragon Age seem to have appreciated it.

anticlimax2101d ago

I thought Origins' gameplay was miles better than DA2's. A little too easy for sure, but one of the reasons I liked and replayed the game so much. DA2 was just more of that hackyslashy-stuff.

Godmars2902101d ago

Don't know about dragon Age, but I'll likely never touch Mass Effect unless its in the bargain bin. And even then.

Blues Cowboy2101d ago

Speaking as a lost fan, yes.

Don't get me wrong - I've loved BioWare since back in the day and relished the Mass Effect trilogy (despite its original ending). But Dragon Age totally lost me. The sequel wasted all of the rich characterisation and world-building of the original, presenting one of the most boring and limpest RPGs I've played in ages, set in a boring constantly-recycled setting, with a crap protagonist instead of the hero I created in the brilliant first game.

To be honest, I don't much care about the storyline. I can't even remember it, to be honest.

zeroskie2100d ago

Bioware used to be one of those studios that I could trust implicitly to make great games with great stories but after DAO2 followed by ME3, they definitely have a lot to prove. Not that those two games were necessarily bad, but they were just not for me. With this coming year and the limited time I have to play games, I'll pick up Witcher 3 over DA3.

If reviews are good and word of mouth from friends is overwhelmingly positive, then I'll pick it up but it won't be day-one.

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