Real PS4 Screenshots Justify All That 'Next-Gen' Hype

The following images are all fan-made, authentic PS4 screenshots that look as good as we all expected next-gen to look. Hell, most of them look better than any of the Sony-approved promotional screenshots we in the press got during the buildup to the game's release

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johndoe112112096d ago

Best looking console game to date.

GamerXD2096d ago

best looking game to date*

fixed that

Dynasty20212095d ago Show
mike32UK2095d ago

@GamerXD Feel free to show something that looks better...

Xsilver2095d ago

back in my days we would like to prove someone wrong rather than just telling them their Wrong :/.

WeAreLegion2095d ago

Hey, Dynasty. Guess what... Most of us have PCs, too. Just like most people in the world. I just built a new one a few weeks ago. Which game are you talking about? Crysis 3? Battlefield 4? Grid 2? GTA IV with ICEnhancer?

NewMonday2095d ago

graphics are not all about power alone

it's about the balance between the art skills of the developer and the power of the tech.

it is pointless to have to much power when only 1 or 2 developers have the talent to take advantage of it, no matter the GPU a game like CoD:Ghosts or Titanfall will always look average.

a console like the PS4 has good synergy between the power of the console and the level of talent most developers have right now.

3rd party developers will not start to exploit the potential until we have new gen only games like AC:Unity and Batman AK

Old_Prodigy2095d ago

@Dynasty2021 I'm not sure what platform you prefer, but if I had to guess it's PC from the arrogance in your comment. For someone with such a high intellect as yourself, you sure tend to comment quite rashly with and ignorant outlook. I don't know where this whole gaming diversity bullshit came from, but i'm pretty sure everyone who owns a console and or a PC are human beings. That being said I'm sure you can put together that we're all equally capable. Come back to reality, and realize that not everyone in world is below you.

kayoss2095d ago

"For someone with such a high intellect as yourself..."

ROFL. If he so intelligent. He wouldnt have made that dumb comment above. He comment on article that was focused on consoles and pound his chest and scream PC.

BitbyDeath2095d ago

Amazing how even the smallest of things such as the helicopter missiles are incredibly detailed.

randomass1712095d ago

Best looking game... until the next one comes out! ;)

The_HarryEtTubMan2095d ago

I'm a PC and PS4 gamer first, with PS4 by far being the console I support, but some Sony fanboys can be so oblivious to reality and what's really going on in gaming.

They think it's all about Playstation and that the PS4 is even remotely close to PC. Learn more so you don't sound so silly.I have Infamous, and I have multiple PC games that look and run better. Just sayin'

2095d ago
Dee_912095d ago

but what about those 3 pc games ?
or that other game on ultra graphics that only a $500 card can run?

BitbyDeath2095d ago

@RATEDAFORADULT, those graphics are so lastgen.
Go find a better looking one and come back.

kingdom182095d ago

Best looking console game to date. I'm sure, no I'm positive there are games that can look much better if ran on a good PC, like Crysis 3, isn't that the game to called the best looking game to date, but you need a good PC to get at that point?

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waltyftm2095d ago

Well said, and things can only get better.

Xsilver2095d ago

GodDammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmn
1. Its only Sucker Punch So imagine what Quantic Dream or Naughty Dog will do :O
2.It's Open World and still looks amazing

PS4 is a Beast can't wait to see what else they pump out of it especially with more optimization.

GarrusVakarian2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

You posted the screenshot that i came here to post myself (the close-up of the molten chain around Delsin's hand)....absolutely amazing. Hands down the best looking game so far on consoles. I can't believe Sucker Punch have achieved graphics like those so soon after the consoles launch, and in an open world game!

Every next gen game on PS4 needs this feature!

Xsilver2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )


"You posted the screenshot that i came here to post myself (the close-up of the molten chain around Delsin's hand)....absolutely amazing."

That level of detail is what makes it so awesome.

johndoe112112095d ago

It really cracks me up when xbone fans come to the infamous threads and claim ryse to be the best looking game and then post CUTSCENE images.

NarooN2095d ago

The amount of detail in this game is just ridiculous. And this is just the beginning, too. I don't even wanna think about what Uncharted 4 will look like...

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tigertron2095d ago

Until The Order 1886 comes out.

Kurisu2095d ago

The Order has gone under the radar. I'm hoping for a full E3 blowout with release date! That date = my time to take the next gen plunge.

Magicite2095d ago

I will buy X1 when they will have better looking game that runs at least at 1080/30.

DrJones2095d ago

That's your criteria for buying a console? It sounds like you should stick to PC.

n1kki62095d ago

Agree with Dr. Jones.

I am on my way to platinum Infamous. But also owning the wii-u and a XB1, i find ejnjoyment out of those too.

randomass1712095d ago

If you're making the decision based on specs alone then you should get a strong PC. I stick to consoles because of my preference in Sony franchises.

Walker2095d ago

and it's 1080p, 30+fps and open world ! just wow

trywizardo2095d ago

ryse looks way better ...
the lighting make it look awesome but the details and characters facial make it look terrible ....

voodoochild3462095d ago

Way to compare an open world game to a closed off QTE fest.

CryofSilence2095d ago

Yeah, it looks better in the prerendered cut scenes, but gameplay, even considering how incredibly linear Ryse is, it's not even close to inFamous:SS, which is an open world game.

hkgamer2095d ago

The characters faces just doesn't seem to match the look of this game.


When talking about graphics alone you shouldn't really use its an openworld as an excuse.

voodoochild3462095d ago

With that comment you've just shown how little you know on this subject. No matter what setup you have there's a limit to how many total polygons a system is capable of displaying at once. The larger your environments are the lower the polygon density of each item must be to compensate. N4G man....Smh

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2095d ago
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bunt-custardly2095d ago

An amazing looking game where the Photo mode brings it home as to how fine looking the PS4 graphics are up close and out of context of movement.

Such a great idea to include a photo mode, although Sucker Punch obviously were extremely confident in their product, and why not eh.

randomass1712095d ago

lol That threw me for a loop for a second. Thanks for the laugh! XD

hkgamer2095d ago

does the photomode use other assets? how much different is the look of the game when actually playing?

I know photomode is used in-game but is there improvement in the look such as less jags or better ligthing effects?

Goku7812095d ago

Lets see some Xbox One games up close and personal for people that cant see the difference.

2095d ago Replies(1)
candy_mafia2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Quit mentioning Xbox One in PS4 articles. Can't y'all just be happy we have a capable system? There's no need for trolling....


Awesome visuals :)



Because I'm sure you're smart enough to know it will only cause a fanboy fallout, and if you truly believe (like I do) I:SS is the best looking game, then what's to prove?

Think about it :)

2095d ago
BX812095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Thats because it was the best looking game now ss looks better. Is someone supposed to be upset about this? Grow up and play ur games. Wait till this gen really kicks off and you're going to realize bow pointlesss this is

johndoe112112095d ago


Ryse was NEVER the best looking game. Killzone was.

BX812095d ago

Kz was my 1st ps4 game. I thought it was crap. Kz3 was better imo. It did look good but to me ryse looked better. Ss on the other hand looks amazing from what I've seen. I haven't played it yet. Waiting for a price drop. Never cared too much for the Infamous series, it does have some really great game play mechanics though.

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Jeff2572095d ago

I really need to work harder on the pics I take. I took a few last weekend and posted them to my twitter but none are that good. I still am blown away by just how good this game really is.

Bathyj2095d ago

What rez are they when you share directly to Twitter. I think most people are going the message on PSN method to get full high Def screens.

Jeff2572095d ago

I'm not sure. I just posted them to Twitter to be quick about it. Going to have to do the message method unless they allow you to upload those to USB as well with the update.

christian hour2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

The twitter posts are pretty low res, and they also go under horrible compression that makes them look even worse (Twitter do lossy compression to all images posted directly to their servers).

People are using a messaging trick with the Playstation phone App and then uploading to a lossless imaging site that doesn't do any server side compression. Truly beautiful stuff. I've been meaning to do the App trick myself with some of mine, when I uploaded some to twitter I was extremely upset haha. My mates still thought they looked gorgeous though :)

They never see "blocky" jpeg compression in images though, something I could never understand, it's clear as day to me. But then again I was a digital media student so it makes sense I guess.

The sooner the new PS4 firmware update comes out and we can export uncompressed to USB, the easier getting thsoe images online will be, I think I'll wait until then :)

Father__Merrin2095d ago

why are there no PC games like this? this is stunning

Hellsvacancy2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Uh oh, you've done it now man, someone is going to up an image of Crysis I just know it "ha haha that's from 7 years ago"

GundalfDeGrej2095d ago

There are definitely PC games that look better than this but none of them are open world so it's kinda hard to compare.