Iconic Weapons: Which One Do You Want In Your Room?

How many times have you been talking video games with your friends when suddenly, the conversation switches from “my score last game was 5-0-2” to “Yeah, I remember that gun”? Well, the video game community is filled with interesting individuals that just love to talk about how badass and awesome some guns or swords are. Naturally, many names come to mind when looking into what’s emblematic. However, while some continue bearing the title of most iconic, many weapons remain lost in our massive video game industry.

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darklinx232099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

THE PATRIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! Nice one !

2098d ago
nope1112099d ago

Squall's gunblade is sexy as sin and i always loved the Lancer from the Gears of War series.

djslimzz2099d ago

Those were good too, but they will be featured in another article :)

darklinx232099d ago

Iconic weapons...not badass or more powerfull etc.

creatchee2098d ago

You don't think Kratos' weapons are iconic? I mean, God of War is one of the most popular series ever and all.

Andy15202099d ago

The Nes Zapper bring back so many good memories!!! It's a great list but I would add Megaman's Buster, Cervantes's Longsword & Pistol sword and Master Chief's assault rifle.

djslimzz2099d ago

Well, Cervantes' weapons are the Soul Edge btw

CorndogBurglar2098d ago

The Soul Edge can take the form of any person's weapon...

Its not like Mitsurugi would be forced to use a longsword and pistol sword if he got a hold of the Sould Edge.

Andy15202099d ago

@djslimzz Yes, but Cervantes longsword and pistolsword are still his signature weapons and they are epic

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The story is too old to be commented.