All Video Game Deals: Titanfall $37 (Ends Soon), Wii U Mario & Luigi $250, Preorder Deals and more

Video Game Deals and Sales from big retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Newegg, Dell and many more. These deals won't last forever.

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dannygamer2102d ago

Time to get a Wii U for my gf.

diepdiep2102d ago

Both of you will be in for a treat :)

liamn2102d ago

851 sold in few hours !

Tom872102d ago

One of the best prices for Wii U bundle, without both games the console will be for around $180.

Geekman2102d ago

Yet the price will be racked up when you buy two games to go with it. That's annoying.

GeofferyPeterson2102d ago

So you only buy your girl things when they're on sale? Welcome to the Man Club!

randomass1712101d ago

Hey man, no harm in paying for less when you can. The ladies often do the same thing. ;P

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jacobvogel2102d ago

Lowest price for Titanfall, is this game good on 360?

TFJWM2102d ago

It is playable and fun if 360 is your only choice, Go for it

randomass1712102d ago

Definitive console version is Xbox One, but 360 version does not suck from what I hear.

Shnazzyone2101d ago

Wii U can run Titanfall confirmed.

randomass1712101d ago

I don't doubt that at all, actually.

timothyckeegan2102d ago

Super Mario 3D Land for $29.99 :).
Every 3DS owner should play this game.

Totoro172102d ago

Just bought this a few days ago and I can't put it down! It's wonderful!

andrewsimons2102d ago

Just pre-ordered Watch Dogs from Dell.

GeofferyPeterson2102d ago

What are you going to spend your $25 on at after paying full price for Watchdogs?

2102d ago
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