What Does Nintendo's First Season Pass Mean for the Future?

IGN editors discuss the recent news for Mario Golf: World Tour's season pass, and what it could mean for Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.

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Yi-Long2095d ago

For me, it means they're taking another step in the wrong direction. It sends out the wrong message to gamers, as in, 'hey, here's the core game, and the rest comes out later'.

Recent example is Trials Fusion. Trials Evolution had a terrific amount of content and was great value for money. Now they come out with Fusion, and the main game is 10 bucks more expensive than Evolution (Trials Evo was 10 euro, Fusion is 20 euro), as well as they're already bragging about and selling a Season pass that's another 20 euro(!)

And now Fusion is getting complaints that it seems to offer less content and value for money than Evolution did, so the first thought that goes through your mind is :"I guess they held back content to sell later as DLC!".

Now, the last couple of years Nintendo has made it's fair share of mistakes, but at least it was still offering complete games. When you buy a Nintendo game, at least you know you're buying the complete thing.

I guess that stops now, with this decision. And it's not something I'll ever support.

diepdiep2095d ago

In case you don't know, Mario Golf is $30 and the season pass is $15 . Therefore, the complete package is only $5 more than the average 3DS game. In my opinion, they are handling this dlc business appropriately. Besides, the dlc will have hundreds of additional holes that will make the game bigger than Mario golf 64 and toadstool tour combined.
Also, Trials Fusion was a bad example.

Muffins12232095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

It means pokemon dlc....which will be awesome lol.
There just tasting the waters with DLC and there doing it for a title less people care about than mario kart,zelda,etc.