The Morality System in Games Has Outlived Its Usefulness

The Escapist: "I saved her. It took two seconds. And far as I know, nothing in the mission changed. I found the guy fine, and if combat was ramped up or something because of my good deed, I didn't notice. Ding! Instant good karma!

If there's one thing I can't stand in games it's a morality system. It's almost never done right. The mechanic is shoehorned into games that don't need it to give an illusion of choice where none is present. And these aren't indie titles: the biggest games in the business all suffer from the same plight. And for the most part, they are done poorly. So why bother?"

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SpiralTear2103d ago

The morality system wouldn't be as broken if there was some kind of advantage for taking the middle road. I don't like my skills being locked out just because I wasn't singularly good or singularly evil.

And for a system that's supposed to highlight consequence from the player's actions, the polar morality system is extremely predictable. It's hard to feel satisfied with your own personal input to these choices if the game telegraphs the consequences of them, completely ruining the mystery.

choujij2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

IMO, I think it's better with than without. Without for me, would result in the game feeling much more linear.

karl2103d ago

u do realize writers have to be extremely ambiguous soo that players decisions make any sense..

protagonist are just damn boring since the birth of "make your own choices" ...

u end up with a protagonist that has an equally ambiguous personality soo that u can either be good or bad...

why cant a character just be itself like old times and we can finally have a decent storyline back..

sequels are also always a problem

joab7772103d ago

It needs to evolve. Instead of having black or white (which itself lends to linearity), we need to be able to make choices based on circumstance...and let the chips fall where they may.

The Witcher 3 will hopefully show us how its done.

Perjoss2103d ago

Yeah this is exactly what I was thinking. Current systems don't really reward and/or punish you enough for making choices. I remember playing KotOR a while back, the HK droid party member you had would leave you for good if you made too many light side choices, there were also characters that would leave you if you took too many dark side actions.

I love games where I come to a choice part and the game stops me dead in my tracks because I simply cannot make up my mind without actually weighing up the pros and cons.

e-p-ayeaH2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

The focus on morality itself isnt good its better to focus on certain plot points rather than having the game judging your actions by interacting the world around you.

e-p-ayeaH2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

The moraly system inst necessary just give me choices and consequences that dont affect the plot itself just certain gameplay changes.

I rather have one nicelly developed story than having 2 sides of the same lackluster story.

TheTowelBoy2103d ago

I've always, ALWAYS preferred grey area decision making instead of kill or save decisions and the like. Not that I can't appreciate the Fables and inFAMOUS' systems but they always end up being.. one sided. You're set to one side of decisions because those grant you greater powers in that tier of decisions. There iare innovations that could still be made to such a system but I don't see it happening.

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