Women in Gaming Part 1

A look at women in gaming: the female developers who work to make the industry's biggest franchises and how women fit into the "brogrammer" culture.

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-Foxtrot2099d ago

Heard of Amy and Jade for years but Kiki....never heard of her once.

finito822099d ago

nothing wrong with that, women provide a fresh out look on games and for most part have better and clearer ideas.

DragonKnight2099d ago

"and for most part have better and clearer ideas."

based on what?

Soldierone2099d ago

Any new and young talented person will bring that to the table. Gender won't play a role in it unless you are writing a story based on the persons specific life.

Otherwise you can study and bring great work to the table regardless of race, gender, or anything. It's all about effort, and the entertainment world is going in that direction. Work hard, get what you want, period.

It's people that cry discrimination that create crap and ruin the opportunity. If you work in an environment like that, then leave or report it to HR which FOR SURE will step in.

jeeves862098d ago

Everything about what you said would be fantastic, except the world doesn't actually work like that. Racism, sexism, classism, they all still very much exist. HR isn't some magical entity that rights all wrongs. In a lot of instances, they don't do anything useful. Ever been made to take a sensitivity class at work?

Not everyone who faces discrimination is in a position to just leave their job, either. And why should they have to? Because you don't think discrimination exists?

2099d ago