5 Reasons Poor People Should Play Video Games

America has become virtually obsessed with the idea that poor and struggling people are secretly greedy moochers living the easy life on a load of Welfare Steak and free health insurance sucked from the teats of the working man (Working women teats produce 30 percent less Welfare Steak according to the Houston Press research library). Why else would the Heritage Foundation put out a report saying, "Hey, the poor can't really be that bad off if they have refrigerators, right?" and then having Fox News eat that up like orange sherbet in a solid gold bowl?

Yes, you can have appliance and still be pretty bad off, and no, the answer is not selling those electronics. But what about video game systems? Surely is a poor person has a game system he simply must be deluded about how bad his life is if he has a $400 fun machine.

On the contrary...

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