CCG Review - Trine 2: Complete Story

I had zero knowledge of Trine jumping into this game. I was completely unaware of the first game let alone that there was a sequel. However, one lazy afternoon while browsing the PSN Store I ran across Trine 2 and downloaded the demo. After trying said demo, I was convinced that the game in it's entirety needed to be played and reviewed.

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woodchipper892103d ago

Has anyone else played any of the Trine games?

krouse932103d ago

No, but I've definitely thought about it on multiple occasions. How's the pacing, is it better than the demo's, because they seem slow to me.

woodchipper892103d ago

It moves as quickly or as slow as you take to complete the puzzles. I finished some levels in about 10 - 15 minutes while others made me think more and took 30 minutes.

krouse932103d ago

I don't know why, but I don't seem to like the demo's portion of it that much. I love puzzle games don't get me wrong. But the setting of Trine in my opinion would be much better suited to the rpg, action, or hack and slash genre of games.

Maybe one day I'll get into it more than I've feigned interest so far. The graphics seem far too beautiful to ignore. And for that alone I want to support the developer.