PS2 RPG HD Collections We'd Like To See

GameInformer- "The PS2 era was a blast for role-playing game fans. We were inundated with RPGs, making it nigh impossible to keep up with every release. Unfortunately, the console RPG market hasn't been the same due to the high development costs on newer, more powerful consoles. Not all is lost, though. In the past year or so, some HD RPG remakes have hit the market, giving fans a chance to experience some of their old favorites, like the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster and Tales of Symphonia Chronicles.

That got us thinking about other franchises that would benefit from the treatment of enhanced graphics, extra content, and other bonuses in a collection. Sometimes going back to your favorites is just what you need to remind you why you fell in love with the games in the first place. These are our picks for PS2 games ripe for HD treatment."

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Knightofelemia3331d ago

Shame Wild Arms is not on that list I agree with Xenosaga and Dark Cloud.

3-4-53330d ago

Any game from that era that went Art Style > Realism will look amazing in HD.

Any cel-shaded or similar game should look good.

MadLad3331d ago

I loved Dark Cloud 2 back in the day. I still say the writing, art and overall mechanics hold up perfectly. That said, having re-played it not all that long ago, the sparse, uninteresting environments that make up the battlegrounds are, well, just that.

Inception3331d ago

No Wild Arms 3-5, Front Mission 4-5, or Ar Tonelico 1-2? But i agree with the list though. Those are some mastespiece that seriously need an HD collection.

Relientk773331d ago

Just bring em all, can't ever have enough RPGs

Retroman3331d ago

same for side scrolling beat'em ups and shoot'em ups...
can't get enough.

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