Stephen Chow Discusses Warrior Battleground - Cliqist

Greg Micek writes: "We recently had an opportunity to speak with Sephen Chow of RES Creative studio about his teams upcoming online fighting game, Warrior Battleground. With only a week left in the Warrior Battleground Kickstarter campaign we asked Stephen about his teams' experience with Kickstarter, plans for the future, and of course, some poetry."

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jc485732106d ago

thought they were referring to comedian Stephen Chow.

Ratty2106d ago

Lol me too. I was like WHAT. Would be awesome if he directed videogames.

jc485732105d ago

sometimes I wonder lol

Exari2105d ago

same here, man..I got so excited lol
but srsly tho, I really miss that awesome chinese actor/director/producer... he disappeared for years now

jc485732105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Didn't he direct and produce a movie about Monkey King not long ago?

Ratty2105d ago

I guess he only disappeared from the international radar then.