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gamrReview's Karl Koebke: "The major additions of ATV and FMX levels are lackluster and somewhat wasted in a game that only has so many developer designed tracks to offer, and that slightly increased price tag for a downloadable title of $20 really is a sticking point. Perhaps these content issues are partly due to the cross-over to the newest generation of consoles, but that's more of an explanation than an excuse. Hopefully RedLynx can cut some of the fat from the next title and give people more of what they really want from a game in the Trials series."

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finito822097d ago

i love atv'ing when i can, not many atv or motorcycle type games i can think of so might give the game a try.

n4rc2097d ago

You can only use the ATV on like 4-5 levels.. That's it

Was disappointed to find that out.