Why Don't More MMOs Emulate the PvP of Dark Age of Camelot?

What Dark Age of Camelot was known for was its incredible PvP system that introduced realm-versus-realm combat to the mmo lexicon. Many players are of the opinion that it had the best PvP system hands down, and that no other mmo game has come close. To that end, MMO-Play ask why don't more mmos emulate the PvP of Dark Age of Camelot?

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ATi_Elite2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Good question:

ANSWER: Because some Devs are STILL too busy trying to CLONE WOW!

Even in this day and age ALL WoW clones have proven to be HUGE FAILURES reception wise but somehow manage to make a buck which is why they continue to clone, the almighty dollar.

Leave WOW alone and move ON. Many Korean MMo's and NCsoft have great MMO's due to looking PAST WoW and giving gamers GREAT ALTERNATIVES to the stale tried and true format of:

Grind, Tank -Healer- Range- Aggro, then grind some more, then grind some more, then Instance, then tank-healer-range-aggro, then grind then grind and grind and grind and grind.

Oh yeah grind and grind and grind and grind then grind some more followed by rinse and repeat.

MMO's like that to me suck. I like to rewarded for exploration and meaningful side quest.

DVS-Zev2104d ago

Totally agree.The never ending grind and waiting for raid resets has really put me off MMO's.I want a massive, almost country sized world to explore.No fast travel, no teleporting or any BS.

I've been dreaming of something similar to Everquest (but built to 2014 standards) for years now.I just want to explore the world, meet people, pass through towns on my adventures that i may never even see again.No quest markers, no minimaps, no hand holding.Just pure exploration and adventure.All the while doing quests, joining players for nearby boss battles or huge pvp clashes or whatever.

I swear, if i had the money and the talent to make games i would make some amazing shit lol.